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Arcane a pure fresh cane rum from Mauritius. It is offering a unique degustation moment reminding the warm welcoming of this paradise of the Indian Ocean. Arcane rum is always made from the distillation of pure cane juice. Profusion, with elegance, richness without being heavy. The Arcane tasting experience is always special. It is like a painting where you would never stop finding new elements.


Rum 'Délicatissime' by The Arcane is made from the distillation of pure sugar cane juice originating from Mauritius Island, recognized throughout the world for their high quality. Délicatissime perfectly expresses all the freshness and delicate and spicy notes, with a touch of vanilla. Patiently assembled by the cellar master, this rum elegantly reflects the typicality of the Mauritian territory. Delicate and aromatic, it can be enjoyed neat, with ice but also mixed in a cocktail.