Trebbiano is the most common white grape variety in Italy and is present in the blend of dozens of DOC wines, both white and red. Trebbiano represents a family of vines (the Trebbiani) formed by Trebbiano Toscano, Trebbiano Abruzzese, Trebbiano Romagnolo, Trebbiano di Soave, Trebbiano Spoletino and Trebbiano Giallo. These vines have an excellent ability to assemble with different grapes depending on the area of origin. In general, Trebbiani are fresh wines, that is, with a good acidity, extremely versatile in combinations and characterized by an aromatic profile of white fruits and flowers with a fine minerality in the background.


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'Boggina B' by Petrolo is a full-bodied organic white wine with great character produced from 100% Trebbiano Toscano grapes from 45-year-old vines. Full-bodied, soft and round, vinified and aged for 24 months in French oak barrels, in pure Burgundian style. Intense aromas with hints of ripe yellow fruit, nuts, dried white flowers, notes of chestnut, hay and vanilla. Good structure, soft, round and with a pronounced minerality. The finish is persistent, fresh and very pleasant. A great white with a Trebbiano base.