Contemporary Style Gin

Contemporary Styles are new generation Gin which, coming out of the classic aromatic plants of gin (iris, coriander, cardamom, angelica, cassia and citrus peel) are composed of a large number of plants where often the pungent aroma of juniper makes from supporting actor.

Contemporary Style Gin

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'Spiced Sloe' Gin by Hayman's is an emblem of the typical flavors of British Christmas. Delicious slightly sweetened and fruity sloe gin with warm winter spices. Inspired by the frost fairs on the Thames over 150 years ago, Spiced Sloe Gin combines the warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise with the award-winning Sloe Gin. It is made with generous quantities of botanicals macerated in pure English wheat alcohol, distilled in a slow and meticulous way. Delicious served alone as a winter warmer, accompanied by sparkling wine or served hot with apple juice.


'Upperhand' Gin is a dry gin, created in Ireland through the delicate mysteries of the distiller art. A blend of notes of juniper, basil, dill and citrus, give rise to a perfect balance of subtle flavors. The result is a gin that blends beautifully as a base for cocktails, whatever you choose to make with it. Amazing. Versatile. 

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Gin Agricolo 'Gadan' by Franco Cavallero is Italian and produced at 'zero kilometer'. Gin Fresco, with a marked Juniper scent, refreshed and softened by floral essences that make it pleasant and pleasantly bitter. When tasted, the right alcohol content tempers the aromas and lengthens the finish with an aftertaste of violet and pink to close on the palate. For its cleanliness and freshness this Gin is recommended for floral cocktails, but with a strong taste. Considered dry. 

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Gin Agricolo 'Evra' by Franco Cavallero is Italian and produced at 'zero kilometer'. Fruity gin whose predominant note is that of berries that goes perfectly with the austerity of the juniper. Sensations of freshness deriving from mint and cardamom complete the aromatic picture to perfection. The soft and enveloping taste of red fruits is strengthened in its complexity by vanilla and cocoa giving an oriental sensation. The olfactory softness and aroma of raspberry have the ability to satisfy the palate who loves fresh and fruity drinks. 


Premium Gin 'Pure Black Edition' by Puerto de Indias is produced in one of the oldest distilleries in Andalusia, located in the city of Carmona in the province of Seville. The flavor of this premium is obtained from ingredients of the Andalusian spring. The distillate has a body and flavor particularly suited to consumers with a preference for stronger, bitter flavors. With a crystalline appearance, the gin has a strong hint of juniper and citrus, with notes of selected ingredients such as jasmine and vanilla, as well as light touches of orange blossom. Its flavor is intense and bitter, with an all-round character provided by the juniper.

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In accordance with the London Dry Gin tradition, Six Ravens Gin is exclusively obtained from distilling selected botanicals, such as juniper berries, coriander, lemon peel and fresh ginger. For the final product no added sweetening, nor colorants, nor any other ingredients (other than water) are added to the distillate. Especially the magic ingredient of fresh ginger gives Six Ravens Gin its unique fruity, though spicy taste. Six Ravens London Dry Gin has an increased alcohol percentage of 46% to preserve its full bodied flavor profile, even when mixed with your favorite tonic water. It is the perfect Gin for a premium Gin & Tonic: We recommend to add a lemon zest to every drink. This enhances the fruity though spicy note of this very fine Gin.


Monkey 47 - 47 alcohol degrees for 47 herbs and spices, water strictly from the black forest, double distillation and aging in terra cotta containers, no final filtering. Ingredients that make it one of the most popular gins in the world. Harmonious and decisive. It brings together the great English traditions, the exotic touch of India and the purity and character typical of the Black Forest.


The 'Gizy' Summer Botanical by Semanterion is produced with discontinuous distillation in Santa Massenza, in Trentino Alto Adige, according to the traditional taste of England in the early 1800s when the London Dry was imposed. By virtue of its 19 botanicals from all over the world, a unique and incisive taste is obtained, dry but dense and complex with balsamic notes of absinthe and cardamom. The predominant smell of lavender is characteristic of summer. You can enjoy on the rocks as an aperitif or in a twist of Tom Collins with lime juice, Judas blood, soda and lavender.


Etsu stands for 'pleasure' in Japanese. This is one of the first Japanese Gin in Italy. Distilled in Hokkaido following a secret Asian recipe using different Japanese botanicals (berries, peppers, teas and fresh citrus fruits from the Japanese islands) including the YUZU which dominates this floral gin. Yuzu is a small, particularly fragrant Japanese citrus with a persistent taste.


Più Cinque by Three Spirits is a delicious and very fine Gin, the fruit of artisan skill and born from the infusion and distillation of fine citrus and aromatic herbs. Cristallino, amazes for the decisive mottled impact of citrus and fresh notes that slowly decline towards the hottest tones of wormwood and almond. Dry and long-lasting decisive taste.



Premium Gin 'Strawberry' by Puerto de Indias is produced in one of the oldest distilleries in Andalusia, located in the city of Carmona in the province of Seville. The ingredients that give Gin Puerto de Indias Strawberry its characteristic spring flavor are strawberries from Huelva. This region of Andalusia, in fact, is famous for its strawberry production, the largest in Europe. A traditional distillation process that uses old copper kettles from 1880, followed by the addition of fresh strawberries soaked in alcohol from Huelva, which give softness and color to the gin. Alongside the intense notes of strawberry, there is also a soft touch of licorice and a subtle note of citrus, ideal for harmonizing the taste of this singular gin.


Premium Mistral Gin by Mistral is the first rosé dry gin in Provence as a summary of the region with a premium gin. It blends together the tradition of gin with herbs of Provence. MistralGin is a sophisticated craft gin which surprises with its fresh, distinctive flavours, fascinates with its subtle rosé colour and transports to a land bathed in sunshine. Typical Provence botanicals such as thyme, basil, fennel, mint, eucalyptus and grapefruit have been wisely used. MistralGin conveys all the richness of Provence, its terroirs and above all, its Art-de-Vivre. Perfect for many occasions by tasting it on its own or in a cocktail.


'L'Acrobate' by Les Bienheureux is an organically grown French gin produced in small batches through a unique distillation process that the protagonists jealously keep secret. Perfect balance between freshness and fruit, classicism and exoticism, technique and poetry. The secret is the infusion of spirulina, an emerald-colored algae with medicinal properties, which gives a fresh and iodized touch to the opulent bouquet of exotic fruits.


'Japanese Craft' Gin by Tokiiro Niigata is made from fresh citrus fruits, expertly combined with commonly used botanicals, such as juniper berries and coriander. The main aroma includes flavors such as orange peel, yuzu, Japanese pepper, coriander, juniper berries and angelica root.


'Cannabis Sativa' Gin by Dutch Windmill Spirits is hand-distilled right in the center of Amsterdam, in the Red Light District. Hemp fibers are infused together with other botanicals such as juniper berries, vanilla and spicy cardamom. As indicated on the gin packaging, the product does not contain THC, which is the active ingredient that causes psychotropic effects. The infusion of hemp and botanicals produces a gin where the traditional main notes of juniper are combined with the light and slightly sweet notes of vanilla and the spicy ones of cardamom, slightly bitter and herbaceous connotations of hemp. Excellent to use in cocktails and gin and tonics and in particular it goes very well with citrus flavors, for example lime or lemon.