Porto is probably the most famous and appreciated fortified wine in the world and is also the one with the most ancient history. The grapes are harvested, squeezed and fermented, then fermentation is stopped by adding local 77-degree colorless and tasteless brandy made with the same local wine, so that the yeasts can no longer transform sugar into alcohol. The result is a fortified wine that, like Marsala and Madeira, are not only sweet and velvety, but also have great structure, marked aromas, softness and lots of flavor. The contribution of the aqua vitae helps to widen the aromas and gives further thickness to the wine allowing its oxidation. The slow maturation gives the aromas and flavors of dried fruit, spices with the call of the sea in the background. Porto wine is produced from grapes of Tinta Barroca, Tinta Cão, Tempranillo, Touriga Francesa, and Touriga Nacional. After fermentation the wines of the various plots are assembled to find the right balance. There are two main categories of Porto: those that age in barrels and then in barriques for 10, 20, 30 and 40 years like the Tawny; and those that make a more "natural" and less invasive aging and then aging in the bottle.


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Porto '30 Years Old Tawny' by W. & J. Graham's is made with the best grapes selected with meticulous care. It ages in 534 liter oak barrels until it reaches the ideal maturity represented by the perfect balance between the typical fruity note of Porto and the elegance derived from wood. Long-lived and memorable is a more modern version of Vintage.



Porto '40 Years Old Tawny' by W. & J. Graham's represents a legacy of the family to all the fans: there are the wines made to mature by the entire family of the current Master Blender. An "antique" but mature and incredibly lively and rich wine, capable of preserving at best all its fruity and velvety aromas. Extraordinary, complex and elegant.

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Porto White 10 Years Old by Butler Nephew & Co. is obtained from a blend of white grape varieties (malvasia, viosinho, rabigato) carefully selected and aged in wood for 10 years. It is an intense, sweet, rich and elegant fortified wine, excellent also in summer served cold. Excellent as an aperitif also in Porto Tonic.



Porto Tawny 10 Years Old by Quinta Do Noval is obtained from the best blend of grapes from the Douro valley. It was born from Antònio Agrellos' art of making the vintages mature in old oak barrels and then assembling them harmoniously in a wine that represents the historical memory of the cellar. Come aged Tawny shows an indication of age which indicates the average duration of the refinement of the wines in the blend. The sensitive tasting of the winemaker, able to recognize the style of a given blend (made up of dozens of wines), will define a 10, 20, 30 or 40 year old Tawny. This 10 Years Old is recognizable for its brilliance and complex aromas of young and dried fruit. Rich and smooth on the palate, it offers an elegant structure and long lingering finish.