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London Dry Gin 'Cubical Premium' by Williams & Humbert  is produced from English grain and subjected to three distillation processes. For its preparation botanicals such as Buddha Hand (cedar variety), juniper, mandarin, thyme, coriander, lemon, cinnamon, peppermint, chamomile, aniseed, sweet orange, almond, cardamom and mango are used. Gin fragrant, elegant and persistent, versatile and ideal for preparing any cocktail, starting from the most refreshing to the more classic or the most delicious and innovative.

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'Williams GB' Extra Dry Gin of the Chase Distillery represents the true Great British Gin; produced by the redistillation of Vodka Chase, where they macerated juniper berries. Warm, decisive and seductive.

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The Single Estate English Potato Vodka by Chase Distillery is a distillate that is treated with manic attentions. It is sweet and creamy and has exciting aromas. The Potato Vodka is very good iced, or at room temperature with ice in the glass, so that it can be appreciated to the utmost of its evolution of flavor and scents.

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The Plymouth Gin 'Navy Strength' by Black Friars Distillery is to the gradation required by the navy (57% vol.). It is characterized by softer and less dry juniper distillates than the classic London Dry ones. Intense and fragrant with notes of juniper and herbaceous accompanied by cardamom and coriander. In the mouth it is soft and powerful, with a return of herbal notes and a long finish.

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Oak Rested Gin 'Burrough’s Reserve' by Beefeater certainly differs from the mass. Distilled with the traditional copper still used by the founder of Beefeater, James Burrough, refines in barrels where the Reserve Jean de Lillet liqueur rests, with a slow and meticulous maturation process, which leads to the creation of only a few bottles. Unique, to try.

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London Dry Gin by Beefeater is made from James Burrough's original recipe, Desmond Payne - the world's most experienced master distiller - oversees a bold and distinct gin that sets the standard for London Dry Gins. Since 1863 it has stood the test of time and now claims the title of the world’s most awarded gin. A product of our bold, creative city, Beefeater is proud to still be made in the heart of London. With big juniper character and strong citrus notes, this is a real London Dry for those that enjoy the real taste of gin.