The Riesling Rhine vine originates, as is evident from the name, from the Rhine valley, in Germany. In these areas, and especially in the Moselle area, the grape variety is widely cultivated and produces wines with surprising results, even if not above all as late and sweet grapes, even with the contribution of noble molds, up to the famous "Eiswein". Riesling is the most important German grape variety and represents for Germany what Chardonnay is for France. Its name could derive from the expression "Reissende Tiere" or "wild animals", due to its derivation from domesticated wild vines. It is widely distributed throughout Central Europe, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. In France it is cultivated in areas bordering on Germany, in Alsace in particular. In Italy Riesling Renano is mainly cultivated in Trentino Alto Adige, in Oltrepò Pavese, in Veneto and in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It prefers fresh areas and on rocky soil. Its diffusion in our country is relatively recent, between the end of the 800 and the beginning of the 900. Noteworthy are the differences between Rhine Riesling and Italic Riesling, both from the ampelographic point of view (cluster and leaf) and with regard to the wine obtained, which in the case of Italic Riesling is more drinkable, if compared with the more aristocratic tones of the Rhine Riesling. The blend of the two, in any proportion, always gives great class results.


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With the Alsace Riesling Vieilles Vignes, the Gruss family confirms its commitment to producing quality Alsatian wines. For three generations the harvest is manual and vinification is carried out in old oak barrels. Strictly follows the rules of organic farming. Dry and elegant taste, fruity and mineral in the final. A Class Riesling.

The Riesling Trocken 'Kanzemer' by Von Othegraven was born in the High Moselle from Riesling grapes in purity. The rocky, mineral rich and rich in iron oxide, the careful selection of grapes selected and hand-picked, and finally fermentation with its natural yeasts, allow to give birth to this wonderful wine that can be tasted accompanied with delicate dishes of fish and vegetables.

The Riesling 'Altenberg Spätlese' by Von Othegraven borns in the High Moselle from Riesling grapes in purity. Spätlese in German means "late harvest": grapes have more wealth and body of the Kabinett because they are allowed to mature for at least a week longer. Silky texture, stimulating, juicy and well-balanced taste.

Riesling 'Eruzione 1614' by Planeta represents the first riesling produced on Etna and in the whole Sicily. The bunches come from vineyards placed at an altitude of 850 meters s.l.m. that sink their roots into the volcanic soil. a small vineyard of Riesling. An extraordinary variety that loves altitude and lava lands. A very interesting white, something new to try.