Verdicchio Bianco is a white grape variety grown almost exclusively in the Marche region. It is a rather eclectic vine that is used to produce, generally in purity, both fresh and ready-to-drink wines, and wines that are very structured and capable of remarkable longevity. It is also used to produce sparkling wines (both classic methods, both Martinotti method) and passito wines. The name verdicchio derives clearly from the color of the berry, which maintains evident shades of green even when fully ripe.


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Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi 'Massaccio' comes by Tenute San Sisto (ex Fazi Battaglia) a winery with over fifty years of experience, the greatest knower of the characteristics of the vine. Cryomaceration, fermentation at controlled temperature, rest in cement tanks and maturation for 8 months. White with character and personality, such as to place it at the top of its category.


Verdicchio 'Vecchie Vigne' by Umani Ronchi is a cru that comes from the Busche vineyard. The particular position and the old vines, planted in the early 1970s, allow the grapes to be harvested only when they have reached a slight degree of over-ripening. The long aging period gives this Verdicchio particular characteristics of fullness and typicality, recognized by the majority of the sector guides with the most coveted awards.



Riserva 'Plenio' by Umani Ronchi is made in Torre vineyard, in Cupramontana, the capital of Verdicchio. It is undoubtedly the leading Verdicchio of the Marche winery, a wine of an exceptional consistency that stands out for its elegance and refinement. The name derives from the Latin 'plenum' which well expresses the characteristics of fullness, complexity and structure of this white wine that can be appreciated precisely for these characteristics. Aromas of vanilla, ripe fruit and aromatic herbs as well as excellent structure, freshness and softness. Excellent.



'Arkezia' Muffo di San Sisto by Tenute San Sisto was born in the San Sisto vine in the Classic area of production of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi. The prestigious company reserve is produced in only 2 hectares chosen for its proximity to the Esino river which favors the natural development of the Noble Mold. The Verdicchio grape left on the plant, in particular years and with favorable microclimatic conditions, develops the "Botritis Cinerea", a Noble Mold capable of creating positive organoleptic transformations. Only the clusters with a mold attack of more than 50% are selected. Ages in small 225-liter French oak barrels for 14-16 months and 6 months of bottle aging. A meditation wine or accompaniment to aged cheeses. Great.


Verdicchio di Matelica 'Oppano' (literally you make me Ombra) by Sergio Marani is made with Verdicchio grapes obtained from a vineyard facing north and towards the sea. The old vines and a perfect microclimate build a framework that strongly supports this expression of Verdicchio di Matelica. After harvesting and pressing, the must is vinified in large tonneaux used since the 1950s and for this provided with a layer of tartrates that prevent oxidation of the wine and contact with the wood. Notes of dried fruit and almond with a fine spice of cardamom and green tea infusion. Good minerality, medium body and great gustatory intensity. Ample and delicate wine.