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What are the Other Wines? These are sweet and dessert wines, vermouth, Marsala, passito and moscato and finally zibibbo. All accompanying wines for the end of a meal or for tasting.

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Porto '30 Years Old Tawny' by W. & J. Graham's is made with the best grapes selected with meticulous care. It ages in 534 liter oak barrels until it reaches the ideal maturity represented by the perfect balance between the typical fruity note of Porto and the elegance derived from wood. Long-lived and memorable is a more modern version of Vintage.



Porto '40 Years Old Tawny' by W. & J. Graham's represents a legacy of the family to all the fans: there are the wines made to mature by the entire family of the current Master Blender. An "antique" but mature and incredibly lively and rich wine, capable of preserving at best all its fruity and velvety aromas. Extraordinary, complex and elegant.

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Porto White 10 Years Old by Butler Nephew & Co. is obtained from a blend of white grape varieties (malvasia, viosinho, rabigato) carefully selected and aged in wood for 10 years. It is an intense, sweet, rich and elegant fortified wine, excellent also in summer served cold. Excellent as an aperitif also in Porto Tonic.


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Refined dessert wine, Ala by Duca di Salaparuta was born from the desire of the Duke Henry of giving his wife Sonia the perfect addition to his passion: chocolate. Garnet red color with amber highlights. intense, ethereal with clear hints of cherry and almond memories. Particularly pleasant with sweet chocolate and almond.

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Ben Ryé Gift Packaging 'The Great Vintages' by Donnafugata is a splendid gift for lovers of this extraordinary Zibibbo standard-bearer of the cellar. The special screen-printed wooden box contains 3 bottles of historical vintages (2006 - 2010 - 2013) from Ben Ryé of 750 ml.



Recioto della Valpolicella Classico by Giuseppe Quintarelli is a rare and precious wine, ideal for dessert and after dinner. It is obtained from carefully selected grapes of corvina, corvinone, rondinella, cabernet sauvignon, nebbiolo, croatina and sangioves, dried for 120 days, and aged in Slavonian barrels for a period of 5-6 years. A red wine with ruby red reflections, soft and sweet on the palate, with a delicate and complex bouquet, with aromas of spices, red fruits and jam. Elegant, unique, for fans and for connoisseurs gifts.



The 'I Capitelli' by Anselmi is a pure Garganega passito wine. Made with the vinification of grapes subjected to a period of withering, it is a soft and persuasive dessert wine, perfect to be served after a meal. Its scents fascinate with a rich, intense but not excessive profile. Surprising for the perfect balance between the sweetness of aromas and the right freshness.


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Passito della Rocca by Pieropan wine was born as an experiment of the company to create a 'sweet wine' different from the Venetian tradition. It was produced only for a limited period from 1988 to 2008 and there are only a few examples, which are part of the 'Family Collection'. It is one of the many gifts that Leopoldo Pieropan wanted to bequeath: this passito wine has been thought, planned and 'pampered' for more than 10 years, and is to be savored in great meditation to enjoy its remarkable finesse, harmony and elegance. 



Malvasia delle Lipari natural by Hauner originates from the heart of the volcanic island of Salina. It is made up almost entirely of Malvasia grapes, with small additions of Corinto Nero grapes. The bunches are harvested late and left to dry in the sun and then subjected to crushing. Vinification in steel and final refinement in the bottle. It is a golden yellow nectar with greenish reflections. Rich, broad and aromatic nose ranging from fresh ripe fruit (apricot, figs, medlar) to aromatic notes of lavender and thyme with a light almond finish that gives great finesse. Sweet and immediate taste with great sapidity and freshness, warm and enveloping with a long persistence. Excellent companion to spoon desserts, it goes very well with blue and spicy cheeses.


'Ben Ryé' by Donnafugata, is synonymous with Passito di Pantelleria, one of the most extraordinary Italian meditation wines. Obtained from Zibibbo grapes, vines cultivated as a "bogus tree" recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage List. " Complex and enchanting is among the most appreciated Italian sweet wines in the world.



Malvasia delle Lipari Passito by Salvatore d'Amico is a sweet wine vinified with Malvasia grapes to which a very small percentage of black Corinth is added. Born from organic farming and from a small plot of only 3 hectares, it is produced on the island of Salina using and working exclusively local resources without altering their integrity. After the harvest, the clusters dry in the sun for about 2 weeks, while the maturation is carried out in oak barrels. Passito precious and rich in intense organoleptic characteristics. Bouquet of dried and canned apricot, references to quince, dried figs and aromatic herbs, and aromas of undergrowth. Passito that intoxicates, with a fresh-savory contrast and a distinctly sweet tone, never cloying. Great.


Malvasia delle Lipari Passito by Punta Aria is a sweet wine vinified with Malvasia grapes to which a very small percentage of black Corinth is added. Born from organic farming on the beautiful island of Vulcano, in the Aeolian Islands. Rich, intense and complex. After a natural drying of 3 weeks it ferments and ages in small oak barrels. Complex and intense bouquet, with hints of bitter orange jam and fresh citrus fruits, orange peel, apricots and peaches. Surprising, sweet, full and intense taste, iodized, marine, but with a very lively mineral vein. Very long. Winner at the IWSC in London and at the Cervim World Championship of extreme wines. Concentrated and at the same time fresh, sweet and never cloying, it is absolutely a wine to love from the very first sip.



'Il Sogno' by Travaglini is a wine from withered Nebbiolo grapes, which expresses seductive aromas and sweet aromas of extraordinary intensity. The grapes are left to dry for about 100 days on racks, at a natural and ventilated temperature to obtain a great, inimitable wine that is unmatched for its structure and longevity. Passito wine recommended with red meat dishes, stews, aged cheeses and dark chocolate.



Passito of Pantelleria by Ferrandes is at the top of the world's criticism: a wine that needs no introduction, but that speaks in the glass thanks to its truly entrancing aromas. Thanks to the hard and constant work, zibibbo grapes, expertly dried for about 8-15 days, ferment in small tanks and mature for 6 months before being bottled. Unique, to try.


Porto Tawny 10 Years Old by Quinta Do Noval is obtained from the best blend of grapes from the Douro valley. It was born from Antònio Agrellos' art of making the vintages mature in old oak barrels and then assembling them harmoniously in a wine that represents the historical memory of the cellar. Come aged Tawny shows an indication of age which indicates the average duration of the refinement of the wines in the blend. The sensitive tasting of the winemaker, able to recognize the style of a given blend (made up of dozens of wines), will define a 10, 20, 30 or 40 year old Tawny. This 10 Years Old is recognizable for its brilliance and complex aromas of young and dried fruit. Rich and smooth on the palate, it offers an elegant structure and long lingering finish.