The geographical area of ​​the Lugana DOC falls on the border between the regions of Lombardy and Veneto with the provinces of Brescia and Verona respectively and overlooks Lake Garda, the largest in Italy. The Lugana base has a pale straw yellow color with greenish reflections. It has aromas, delicate, almost hinted at, offering floral sensations mixed with notes of almond; the taste is graceful, stylized, defined, tense and tasty. The Lugana Superiore to be defined as such must undergo a refinement period of at least one year. It presents a more variegated and complex profile: the color has more golden reflections; the more articulated aromas offer hints of wild herbs, chlorophyll, ripe apple, citrus (first of all mandarin), combined with notes of hazelnut or spices with the passage in the wood (nowadays less new and toasted, and more large in capacity). The palate, more structured, is supported by a lively and tonic acidity, and is crossed by a mineral matrix sapidity that knows how to confer intriguing "salty" nuances to the wine. Lugana Riserva is the natural evolution of the Superiore type: it must age or age for at least 24 months, 6 of which in the bottle and has brighter chromatic tones, more evolved and complex aromas, with smoky notes of flint and balsamic reflections, a minerality warmer on the palate, but equally enveloping, savory and persistent.


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