What is Rum? Rum is the spirit obtained from the distillation of sugar cane. We have two types: the best, the most valuable, the agricultural rum, which is produced starting from the distillation of all the juice of sugar cane and the traditional rum, distilled from molasses. The molasses is certainly not the raw material of high quality, but only a vague reference to the cane as a flavor and in addition contains the highest sugar content. It was born and developed in the Caribbean, as a food, and was a fundamental part of the daily diet of sailors, slaves and settlers. There are three basic groups of rums: Rum from countries with an English colony, such as Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad, Guiana and the area bordering the river Demerara; Rhum from countries with a French colony such as Haiti and Martinique; and finally the Ron coming from countries with a Spanish colony, such as Cuba, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Venezuela.


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The 'Solera' 1893 Gran Reserva 18 Years by Botran is a delicious blend of different rums aged up to 18 years. Distilled from sugar cane juice is aged according to the Solera System at 2,400 meters above sea level in oak barrels, original first and medium toasted then, which contained aged Whiskey and Sherry; the Reserva is left to rest in Porto barrels.


The Selecto Gran Reserva X.O. 18 Years by Cubaney is a rum of intense color, with dark red shades. Elegant and satisfying on the nose. Its fruity notes are perfectly integrated with the ripe ones due to the long aging in oak barrels. Great balance and harmony, elegant and delicate, but lively. On the palate it is ample and persistent.


The 'Tesoro' Gran Reserva X.O. 25 Years by Cubaney is a 'treasure' full of strength and fruity aromas enhanced by mellow notes of vanilla and almond. It is a precious, slightly sweet and silky distillate. To be savored alone, without haste, in meditation. Maturation in oak barrels, while on the palate it expresses itself with structure and vigor, giving a velvety sensation.


Havana Club 'Gran Reserva' 15 Years Old acquires its complexity of taste in an aging process of at least 15 years. Only 58 barrels are produced each year, the result of a strict selection process, mixing and multiple aging in oak barrels. Some parts have aged several decades, and the strong evaporation concentrates the flavors and creates the fullness of taste.


The Rum Cohíba Atmosphere Unión by Havana Club is a unique rum belonging to the Icónica collection of Havana Club, a set of prestigious reserves mixed with wisdom by the Masters Roneri of the distillery. It has a very intense amber color. The nose is rich and balanced, with notes of oak and smoked that blend perfectly with aromas of citrus fruits, coconut and coffee. On the palate it is delicately woody and spicy, ending in a pleasantly aromatic and persistent finish. It is a rum to sip, and to be reserved for more formal and more important occasions. It is a fabulous, meditation Rum, perfect to combine with a good cigar. It is offered in a refined 70 cl bottle and a solid wood case with a sliding opening.


White Rum 'Kiyomi' by Helios Distillery (Kiyomi means "pure beauty" in Japanese) was carefully prepared in Nago City, Okinawa, by the Helios Distillery by distilling fermented sugarcane juice, giving it a certain resemblance to the Agricole style. Bottling is fermented for 30 days, producing a fruity quality and distilled in a double column. It rests for 6 months in steel tanks to ensure purity and consistency. An excellent white rum with notes of sweet cornbread, herbs, salt, white syrup, a little cucumber, a touch of ash wood, pineapple, banana and ripe strawberries. 


Rhum 'Teeda' 5 Years by Helios Distillery (Teeda means "sun" in okiwanense) was carefully prepared in Nago City, Okinawa, by the Helios distillery. It is an artisanal rum aged in ex-bourbon Japanese white oak barrels. Spice Rum of intense sweetness, a bouquet of cinnamon, caramel and candied sugar on the palate, and a finish in maple syrup. 


'Turquoise Bay' cuvée by Signature Island offers the gastronomic expression of Mauritian rums. This blend of cane juice and molasses, but also of local aged sugars, perfectly brings together the different productions of Mauritius. This association is a happy marriage of subtle, elegant and rare melt. The enveloping flavors of pastry are combined with those of blond tobacco and precious wood. 



'Yellow Snake' cuvée by Signature Island is typical of the Jamaica terroir, an Amber Rum that offers the very essence of the island's rums. Be surprised and carried away by this spicy and powerful dry blend of the best Grand Cru Rums on the island and its rich aromas. Jamaica is an island of unsurpassed sugar. Using a single type of yeast, grown in each distillery to ferment the molasses prior to distillation, gives Jamaican rum a highly fruity and spicy expression. Notes of banana, guava or mango combined with tropical aromatic spices are the sign and uniqueness of Jamaican rum. 



Gran Reserva Rum 'Anacaona' by Signature Island is a typical of the Dominican Republic terroir. Long before Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Hispaniola, the Tainos developed a rich culture, among them Anacaona was a cacica, renowned for her beauty, her ballads and her poetic creativity. Inspired by her memory, a tribute to her finesse, Gran Reserva Rum expresses the subtle and fresh side of Rum Domican. The bright gold color of this Dominican Gran Reserva rum is related to the name Anacaona which means in golden flower of Tainos. 



Rum 'Gentlemen' by Labourdonnais is made in Mauritius. Domaine de Labourdonnais, founded in 1774 is set in beautiful gardens and lush orchards. Built in 2006, the Distillery brings together a young and dynamic team. Specialized in the production of agricultural rum based on pure sugar cane juice. The 'Gentlemen' ages in a single barrel of cognac for 9 years. Intense and complex at the same time. It brings with it the flavors of the French distillate and gives elegant and complex notes to both the nose and the palate. 


Rum 'Vieux Batch' by Toucan represents the union of two traditions. The cane juice is fermented in Guyana, while the aging in wood in Toulouse. The choice of the bottle in 50 cl format is not accidental, as this rum was only produced in 1000 copies. On the nose there are hints of vanilla and acacia, while on the palate it is elegant with toasted hints in the finish. 


Rum Barbados '14 Years Old' by Foursquare comes from the Barbados islands and was distilled in 2005 and bottled in 2019 in Barrel n. 80. Rum with an intense dark amber color. Bouquet of cinnamon, nutmeg and the smell of dry heather. On the palate it is characterized by aromas of sweet wood, Greek raisins and turmeric. Pleasantly citrusy finish. Limited edition of only 387 bottles.


Rhum Tres Vieux Agricole X.O., Préstige range, by Clément is aged for at least six years in small ex bourbon oak barrels. Sweet scent, of sweet spices such as cinnamon, or of dried fruits, dehydrated plums or dates. On the palate it is soft, intense, warm. The finish is long and releases pleasant aromas of spice and coffee. Harmonious and delicate, with notes of bourbon. Give great sensations. olfactory nuances reminiscent of mocha and cocoa. Harmonious and delicate, with bourbon notes. It is versatile, ideal for any occasion. It gives great sensations.


Rhum Tres Vieux Agricole '15 Year Old ', Préstige range, by Clément is obtained from a blend of agricultural Rums all from the island of Martinique. Thanks to the aging of 15 years in small ex bourbon oak barrels, this prestigious Rum presents an exceptional concentration of aromas: from the delicate notes of vanilla, coconut, dates and dried figs, chocolate, and follow subtle notes of tobacco. This is thanks to the great care in the choice of sugar cane, to the precise distillation and to the long aging. Excellent and persistent for a long time.