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'Nickè' is a 100% Negroamaro by La Torretta winery that produces in its vineyards using manual winemaking techniques, obtaining a niche production of up to 25,000 bottles per year. The sapling vines, close to the typical territory of both Primitivo and Negroamaro, are 3 km from the sea. The sirocco of the Ionian Sea brings the moods and flavors of the sea helping to create a wine with extraordinary organoleptic structures. Intense, balsamic and enveloping aromas, austere notes of earth and salt, plums, olives and rhubarb. Hints of pepper, roots, licorice, Mediterranean scrub, eucalyptus, flowers and aromatic herbs. Red with a great and delicate balance and juicy and tasty tannins. Sharp acidity, savory and iodized returns give thickness to the wine.