Trentodoc, mountain bubbles. This is the definition that summarizes the characteristics of a Classic Method that smells of its place of origin, the Trentino. Territory, altitudes and variety of the climate are the special "ingredients" of this prized sparkling wine, as is the hand of the man who creates it. It comes from vineyards located at an altitude between 200 and 900 m.s.l.m., in an environment with climates characterized by strong daily temperature ranges capable of giving the grapes aromatic complexity, elegance and freshness. In addition, the drainage and aeration conditions of the Trentino soil, rich in limestone and a high silica component, translate into real nuances of taste. The altitude and the mountain are a great resource for Trentodoc.


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The Cuvée Blanche Trento DOC by Letrari golden in the reflexes, with a delicate floral verbena texture and green apple cloves, with cedar aromatic traces, laurel touch. Cuvèè is an excellent product, typical of the Dolomite high hill chardonnay, surprisingly elegant and creamy.

The 'Brut' Reserve Trentino DOC by Letrari is a vintage obtained by the union of Chardonnay and Pinot Nero harvested exclusively by hand, staying on yeasts of at least 36 months to exalt its soft elegance. A fresh and lively wine, full of solid structure, with soft elegance and an enduringly long lasting, just like its finest perlage.