The Viognier grape is a native of the Rhone Valley, in France, where it was introduced by the emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus, who was originally from Sirmio (Sremska Mitrovica) in Serbia, so it is possible that its origins are Balkan. Long forgotten, also because of low productivity, the Viognier then returned to the limelight in recent times, being the base of the white wines of Condrieu, (Côte du Rhone), wines that are difficult to find and are characterized by low acidity and notable olfactory intensity. Confirming its origins, we find it also cultivated on the island of Vis (Dalmatia) under the name of Vugava or Bugava. In Italy the Viognier is spreading especially in the regions with warm climate (Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Umbria, Lazio) where it is generally assembled with other grapes. Where pure vinified, it can sometimes express absolutely remarkable results.


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'Giovin Re' by Michele Satta is a pure Viognier and comes from a happy intuition of Michele. The grapes are harvested when fully ripe, and the must ferments in old barriques. The wine ages in wood for 6 months, without carrying out the malolactic fermentation, to then be filtered and bottled. A full and harmonious white. It is enhanced pairing dishes of strong personality, savory and spicy.