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Who we are

We are "Vino45" by Millinvar a young Italian company based in Milan whose goal is that of showing, promoting, distributing and selling on-line products and services of Italy.

What we offer 

Small local experiences which, through us, can get access to the greater virtual world offered by the Web and therefore have the knack of transmitting their values and their unicity to all those people who are in search of beauty, quality and refinement of the products that they intend to buy.

What is our aim

We aim at not being the "usual" internet site but an exchange medium, an available interlocutor with whom dialogue is always possible, a promoter of Italianism that tends to all those people believing in the Italian dream which are sensible to good taste and simple sophistication by which the Made in Italy is characterised.

Our spirit

We are perfectly aware of heading a challenging aim, but we believe in the toughness and ingenuity of those people which craft in our country, and therefore we rely on being successful!

Thank you, by now, for visiting this site.

the Vino45 team