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Enjoy the Summer with excellent niche White wines!

Garganega from Soave

Ripoli, Fenile & Ginestra from Amalfi

Timorasso from Colli Tortonesi


"Special Wines" are a very careful selection of wines which have unique characteristics and which deserve to be highlighted.

They are "Special" for different reasons: for national and international recognition, for places of production, for vintage, for very limited production or for the love of art and nature. 

Always unique, always special.

What are the "Great Wines"?

This is our selection of all those wines that we consider very representative for history, uniqueness or awards received.

Great products of both Italian and International enology, appreciated and fundamental.

Why "Special Places"?

It is a selection of wines that come from very particular, unique places, pearls for their richness and uniqueness. Places of sea or mountains difficult to cultivate, almost impossible to harvest, marvelous for the quality obtained.

These places are often combined with themes focused on respect for nature and the search for beauty and art.

Rare Wines

Are you looking for something "special" for a gift, an important dinner or an occasion to celebrate? Here we have collected unique wines with incomparable characteristics.

Rare wines because they are produced in limited quantities or apartments with exceptional vintages.

We have highlighted some categories of products that we consider to be of particular mention for their characteristics and that we propose you to try.

Already well known to many, but sometimes putting them back on the table is a great pleasure!

The "magic" of Champagne

Crus, grape varieties, vintages, dosage… express the diversity of Champagnes. A wine that has reproduced its charm for centuries, capturing the cheerful but elegant spirit of the party, illuminating the whole La Sapienza of an ancient French tradition inside a glass of bubbles.

The "incredible" Orange Wines

A wealth of flavors of the Northeast unique and unmistakable to try with typical local food or in tasty aperitifs.

"Signature's Reds": Bolgheri

Bolgheri expresses its terroir of origin with grace and elegance, but it is also a reference to that French wine culture from which it took the typical Bordeaux blend.

Take a break with excellent Red wines!

Brunello di Montalcino

Amarone della Valpolicella

Conero Riserva d'Abruzzo

Perfect products for this time of year.

Excellent wineries that always guarantee the highest quality products.

We are happy to recommend them to fully enjoy the upcoming summer.

DONNAFUGATA icon of Sicily and its diversity

Its wines come only from vineyards cultivated in Sicily where the climate is Mediterranean with dry, windy summers characterized by strong thermal excursions.

Only the best grapes possible, to promote the excellence of Sicilian wine from different territories, all with extraordinary potential.

Craving for the sea: why not a Vermentino?

Here is a rich, multifaceted and harmonious white wine, with great persistence.

Great freshness and depth, elegant fabric.

Colterenzio: refinement in the glass

Colterenzio Lafòa line takes the expression of the elegance and purity of South Tyrolean wines to the top.











Great fun and quality in this area of products obtained from Distillation. Born in various areas of the world, they have always tickled the palate of admirers and have always been present in the liveliest moments of our life.

Many types, many expressions, a world to taste.

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