Greco di Tufo

Greco di Tufo is a wine that benefits from the DOCG mention. As such it is produced in eight Municipalities of the province of Avellino. It is one of the few whites in Italy that lends itself to aging. Greco di Tufo is one of the great vineyards of Campania, so ancient that it has been cultivated in what was once the Magna Graecia for more than 2000 years. They would have been the first settlers to arrive from Thessaly on the coasts of Campania to bring this vigorous grape to dowry. During the Roman age it became even more successful and became one of the most appreciated and drunk wines of the Empire.

Greco di Tufo

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Capri Bianco by Scala Fenicia is a wine that brings to mind the saltiness of the sea, with very pleasant iodine notes and sapidity at the end. Convinces for its enjoyable taste and for its versatility in matching. Produced and bottled on the island of Capri, it is a must for those who love extreme and territorial wines.


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Greco di Tufo 'Goleto' by Tenute Capaldo (Feudi di San Gregorio group) pays homage to the deep bond that unites the winery to these lands. The most expressive vineyards were selected, 'patches of land' in the most suitable districts, whose grapes are vinified in a real 'cellar in the cellar'. And almost 10 years of experimentation preceded the arrival of this Greco di Tufo. It is obtained from vineyards (2.5 hectares) located in the San Paolo area, in the municipality of Tufo, in the Cicogna, Laura and Nassano districts. The plants date back to 1988 and grow near the ancient sulfur mines. 80% of the mass is aged in barriques and barrels of 20 hectoliters and the remaining 20% in amphora, followed by 12 months in the bottle.