The Arneis grape is widespread in Piedmont especially in the Roero area. Following the depopulation of the countryside and the various crises in the wine sector, in the 1960s the presence of Arneis was reduced to the almost disappearance, but was later rediscovered for its enological characteristics and proposed as a quality white wine in a land of red wines. Today there are more than 600 hectares of Arneis vines in Piedmont and small quantities are also cultivated in California, Australia and New Zealand. Arneis also has a very small spread in Liguria and Sardinia.


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Roero Arneis by Vietti is produced from vineyards located in Santo Stefano Roero. It is particularly versatile and eclectic in culinary combinations, it can be paired with light appetizers or it can also be sipped throughout the meal. It is a beautiful Arneis with fresh floral scents, fruity aromas of citrus and melon, and almond tones.

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The Arneis 'Blangè' Langhe DOC by Ceretto can be considered the absolute pioneer of Roero whites. It is an emblem of quality, value and sophistication. The term Blangè comes from boulanger, the baker of the French settled near Cherasco in remote times. Balanced and never-boring wine, one of the undisputed symbols of its territory.

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Arneis by Cordero di Montezemolo has born in the vineyards of the Langhe. Arneis in purity, is considered the finest white wines of Piedmont, to be consumed young, to be able to better appreciate the fragrance. Wonderful accompaniment to appetizers and main dishes spring. Excellent as an aperitif.