The Pantelleria Passito liquoroso is a DOC wine that can be produced exclusively on the island of Pantelleria in the province of Trapani. For the Pantelleria Passito liquor you have to start from must obtained, at least in part, from dried grapes (maximum sugar concentration 60%). During or at the end of fermentation alcoholization is mandatory, obtained by adding ethanol of enological origin. The wine can be marketed no earlier than February 1 of the year following the harvest.


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'Zighidì' by Florio is a Passito of Pantelleria DOC that concentrates the essence of the aromas. From grapes Zibibbo ample aroma and full and smooth with an intense aroma of raisins, candied fruit and honey. Excellent aperitif with liver pate and fois gras. It goes well with desserts.

'Ben Ryé' by Donnafugata, is synonymous with Passito di Pantelleria, one of the most extraordinary Italian meditation wines. Obtained from Zibibbo grapes, vines cultivated as a "bogus tree" recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage List. " Complex and enchanting is among the most appreciated Italian sweet wines in the world.



The Passito, Great Artists Collection, by Feudi del Pisciotto is dedicated to Ferré. A challenge: Gewürztraminer and Semeillon in equal parts for an atypical passport for Sicily. Intense aromatic notes and perfect acidity. Paolo Panerai, who controls the company, has thought to celebrate Feudi's excellence by marrying wine with the utmost expression of made in Italy: fashion


The 'I Capitelli' by Anselmi is a pure Garganega passito wine. Made with the vinification of grapes subjected to a period of withering, it is a soft and persuasive dessert wine, perfect to be served after a meal. Its scents fascinate with a rich, intense but not excessive profile. Surprising for the perfect balance between the sweetness of aromas and the right freshness.


Recioto della Valpolicella by Bertani is made with the corvina and rondinella grapes from the hills of Valpantena, the same varieties with which Amarone is produced. It comes from the smaller bunches that are better exposed to the sun, then wilted for about 3 months. The typical hints of cherry are enhanced by aging in cherry wood barrels. Wonderful at the end of the meal and meditation.

The Lugana 'Vendemmia Tardiva' by Perla del Garda, vinified with overripe grapes, it is not unusual that there are some grapes from Trebbiano di Lugana attacked by the famous 'mold-noble', which certainly embellishes the wine. Aged 14 months, it is the ideal wine to end dinner. Excellent if sipped lightly with blue cheeses.

'Il Sogno' by Travaglini is a wine made from dried grapes, which expresses seductive aromas and sweet aromas of extraordinary intensity. The company is located in northern Piedmont in Gattinara. An area of ancient traditions, characterized by soils deriving from a very ancient volcano that has inherited soils rich in minerals and in particular iron, perfect for growing grapes.

Refined dessert wine, Ala by Duca di Salaparuta was born from the desire of the Duke Henry of giving his wife Sonia the perfect addition to his passion: chocolate. Garnet red color with amber highlights. intense, ethereal with clear hints of cherry and almond memories. Particularly pleasant with sweet chocolate and almond.