Traditional Style Gin

Traditional Style is a classic gin, where the scent of juniper is predominant. They are obtained only with a hot still. There are several variations including the famous Plymouth (lighter and more floral than the London Dry) and the Old Tom (richer and more full-bodied, inspired by the flavors of 18th century England).

Traditional Style Gin

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'Old Tom' Gin by Hayman's harks back to the original Victorian style of English gin, first enjoyed in 19th century England. It is made with generous amounts of botanicals macerated in pure English wheat alcohol, distilled slowly and meticulously, creating a bold citrus, pine and juniper character that is rich and round on the palate with a wonderfully delicate finish. Notes of juniper, citrus, soft spice and subtle earthy notes. Rich, round and wonderfully smooth, with vibrant citrus and a delicate, earthy finish with lingering hints of citrus and an enveloping sensation. Perfect for a classic Martinez cocktail, a refreshing Tom Collins or a rich, full flavor Old Tom and Tonic.


Gin 'Clandestino' by Mistico Speziale takes us to the times of prohibition, when alcohol could only be consumed in illegal bars called speakeasies. The all-Italian compound gin harks back to the taste of the time, but with the added quality of the Italian experience in distillation and the use of quality raw materials. Most of the botanicals are grown directly in the land adjacent to the Mistico Speziale factory, in a completely natural way. The dry and resinous notes of juniper are perfectly balanced with the spicy ones of coriander, combined with the balsamic and floral notes of cardamom and aromatic calamus and a fresh and unmistakable citric touch. A complex gin, very aromatic, but well structured, excellent both in purity and in blending.


Oak Rested Gin 'Burrough’s Reserve' by Beefeater certainly differs from the mass. Distilled with the traditional copper still used by the founder of Beefeater, James Burrough, refines in barrels where the Reserve Jean de Lillet liqueur rests, with a slow and meticulous maturation process, which leads to the creation of only a few bottles. Unique, to try.


'Old Tom' Gin by Hernö  is made with carefully selected natural organic ingredients. It is London Dry Gin with the addition of Meadow and after the dilution of 43% of a touch of sugar. The addition of sugar enriches the floral notes, releases those of juniper and makes the gin even smoother.



Gin 'Jin Q' by Mistico Speziale was made from the collaboration between Saverio Denti and Samuele Campanini, Jigger Spiriti and Cucina di Reggio Emilia cocktail bar. An Old Tom Gin cold compound method, in memory of the production of 18th century style gin, while celebrating the soul of Reggio in the local myth of the 'square head'. The label with Doctor Q with the square head wants to be the Reggio version of Lombroso. Handcrafted in small batches with botanicals from the Reggio area that are macerated in neutral alcohol (cold compound), slightly sweetened (5 g / l. Old Tom Gin), lightly filtered. Straw yellow typical of unfiltered infusions. Fragrant and herbaceous, with a touch of sweetness typical of Old Tom gins and a floral and citrus hint.