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Lazio Bianco 'Fieno di Ponza' by Antiche Cantine Migliaccio comes from one of the most unreachable and uncontaminated plots of the island of Ponza. Natural approach, without chemical additives, and manual processing to obtain only 5 thousand bottles a year. Unique, warm, mineral and intense wine with a strongly Mediterranean spirit.


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'Sodale' by Falesco of the Cotarella family is produced with 100% Merlot grapes, hand-picked in a vineyard located 300 meters above sea level. After fermentation in steel the wine is left to mature in wooden barrels of different origins and toasting for at least 9 months. A red with notes of red fruit and sweet spices that blend in a perfect balance with the vanilla notes of wood. Round, harmonious and pleasant wine with a persistent finish and sweet tannins.


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'Montiano' is the flagship product by Cotarella Family, acclaimed since its inception as one of the greatest and most innovative Italian reds, it is the result of a Merlot grape cut planted by grafters of Montpellier in a land traditionally suited to white vines. On the Lazio hills, the merlot reaches an extraordinary level of ripeness, then expressing itself in wines of the highest elegance perfectly balanced and of considerable pleasantness. This in particular arises from an old vineyard with low productivity, where selection was more rigorous. It is left to mature for at least a year in French oak barrels. Soft and balanced it is able to amaze even after several years from the harvest.

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'Ferentano' by Cotarella Family is made with roscetto grapes, a native Lazio vine typical of the territory of Montefiascone and of the hilly areas adjacent to Lake Bolsena. A variety that takes its name from the color of the skin, which changes as it ripens from green to yellow, from yellow to pink. A distant relative of the Greek, it is able to offer a full-bodied wine with a rich range of olfactory and gustatory sensations. Vinified in steel and left to mature in barrique for about 4 months, it is a soft and refined white wine, with great balance and elegance.


Lazio Biancolella by Antiche Cantine Migliaccio is a heroic wine, made with native grapes of the island of Ponza, the pure white wine. The soil, tufaceous and sandy, contributes to making this white unique, aged in steel and made in only 1500 bottles. Great freshness and minerality with citrus and ripe fruit aromas; surprising finesse and delicacy. 



'Tragugnano' by Sergio Mottura is a white wine assembled from the best grapes selected in the vineyards that have best responded to the climatic conditions of the year. Matured on fine lees in steel tanks, it is versatile in combinations and excellent as an aperitif. It bears very well, deriving considerable benefit from it, some years of aging.



'Poggio della Costa' by Sergio Mottura is a white wine with a broad and fruity bouquet, a warm, fresh and persistent flavor. Poliedrico, goes well with savory dishes such as pasta and beans, spelled and chickpeas, lasagne, spaghetti carbonara and amatriciana, Livorno cod, and Milanese ossibuchi. It was also chosen by Gambero Rosso as the best Italian wine for asparagus.


'Latour a Civitella' by Sergio Mottura is a pure Grechetto to which the best grapes from the five vineyards of Grechetto clone Poggio della Costa contribute, and it is fermented in French oak barriques. Of an intense golden yellow, it has an elegant and complex olfactory impact, with hints of white fruit, citrus fruits, melted butter and hazelnut. A decidedly full-bodied wine, soft and pleasantly fresh with a persistent finish of fruit and vanilla. To be combined with savory dishes with strong flavors: perfect with onion soup, Tuscan ribollita, Livorno-style cod, roast goose, chicken and rabbit with peppers or with strongly spiced dishes such as all curries or, again, gazpacho.