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The Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi 'Massaccio' comes by Fazi Battaglia a winery with over fifty years of experience, the greatest knower of the characteristics of the vine. Cryomaceration, fermentation at controlled temperature, rest in cement tanks and maturation for 8 months. White with character and personality, such as to place it at the top of its category.

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The 'Podium' by Garofoli is a Verdicchio of great structure, elegant, full of aromas and of remarkable longevity. These characteristics derive from a very low yield per hectare, from the deferred collection of selected grapes and from the maturation in steel of at least one year before bottling. Always among the references of every enthusiast.


€17.50 €23.33 -25%

The 'Serra Fiorese' by Garofoli: the very low yield per hectare, the harvesting of fully ripe grapes, the fermentation and maturation in small oak barrels allow this wine to acquire a mighty and elegant structure. The contact with the wood and the long stop in the bottle enrich its elegant and persistent aromatic vein. It is a very long-lived wine if well preserved.

€8.50 €12.14 -30%

The 'Macrina' by Garofoli is Verdicchio in purity. While maintaining the typicality and characteristics of traditional Verdicchio, a lower yield per hectare and a slightly delayed harvest make this wine rich in great complexity, structure and elegance that allow it a certain longevity.


The Dr. Wine Celebration Casket 5 Wines by Bertani Domains is a limited edition containing 5 bottles of 750 ml. of:

1 Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2010

1 Dry Vintage 2015

1 Motuproprio Sangiovese 2013

1 Archètipi Ribolla Gialla 2016

1 Massaccio Verdicchio of the Castelli di Jesi 2016

1 Essential Guide to Italian Wines 2019

Brushed fir wood and natural white lacquered.