Who we are 

Vino45.it is a Wine Shop in Milan which sells on line fine wines, champagne, bitters, liquors and whiskeys and Italian and foreign distillates. To complete the offer, we suggest some gourmet delicacy. Cassettes and gift packs are also available upon request of the customer. 

Our guidelines

Quality, always: we pay close attention to the proposed quality, choosing a mix of products selected from award-winning brands, small local realities, and bio-refinement.

Customer satisfaction, is imperative: clarity, simplicity and speed in the service offered while always maintaining a pure and humane relationship

Continous research: our offer is renewed day by day, following the evolution of the market and the new trends in the industry.

Health in your Glass

As you'll discover by browsing in our catalog, a part of our products is ORGANIC: We made a choice to HEALTH proposing some wines with unique Characteristics (Organic, natural, vegan ...) because we believe that your health is the most important thing.