What is Cognac? Cognac is a brandy with a high alcohol content (about 40%), obtained from the distillation of wine. Produced around the eponymous French town, in the historical region of Charente, Cognac is considered to be the most refined of wine spirits. Its production is limited to six official areas, known as cru, where Ugni Blanc is grown, a grape from which fresh whites are obtained with low alcohol content, ideal for distillation. The production process involves double distillation in the traditional Charentais swan neck stills, dating back to the 16th century. The product must then age in oak barrels from Limousin or d'Allier, assuming different qualifications depending on the period of aging, ranging from a minimum of 30 months to tens of years. The long period of maturation in wood contributes to the exceptional refinement of the final product, excellent to be enjoyed smooth to better appreciate its typical warm and velvety touch.


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