Secure Payment

SSL: Secure Payment

Our site is built to ensure the safety of transmission of confidential data. To do this you use the most well-known protocol for secure transactions on the Web: Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

The use of this technology ensures that confidential information traveling through the Internet only in encrypted form, and then coded according to a complex mathematical algorithm that ensures safety.

SSL uses encryption to ensure the confidentiality of a transaction between a web server and an HTTP client browser. In the initial phase of handshaking between client and server to authenticate the identity of the server, the SSL uses RSA public key of the certification server. Always in the phase of handshaking, the client negotiates with the server the symmetric cryptography algorithm to be used for the exchange of messages.

At the end of the phase of handshaking, the client generates a secret key and sends it to the server using RSA and the server's public key.

The final step of SSL is sending the message to the server, encrypted with the secret key. This key changes from the client every transaction. In conclusion, a number of credit card sent via the Internet with SSL is much safer than when the card is given in the hands of strangers (eg. The waiter of a restaurant).

Payment Systems

Our site allows you to use the following payment methods:

- Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)

- Satispay

- Bank transfer.