Orange Wine

What is Orange Wine? They are wines produced with white grapes, but vinified as red wines, that is with macerations (lasting from a few days to several months) of the must in contact with the skins and yeasts. This allows the wines to acquire tannins, polyphenols and aromatic and protein substances that make them different both from whites and reds from a visual, olfactory and tactile point of view. Also from the point of view of color, Orange Wine are different: because they are precisely "orange", with shades of amber color that vary depending on the structure of the wine and any aging in wood. On the palate they are decidedly more complex and structured than most white and rosé wines due to the higher level of tannins, but combined with a good freshness and flavor.

Orange Wine

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'Jakot' by Radikon is an orange wine 100% Tocai Friulano, a wine of rare longevity that is not treated in any way, neither in vinification nor in bottling. It follows that the traces of sulfur dioxide present are produced by the yeasts during fermentation, with a totally natural process. Rich and deep, very long and magnetic.



'Oslavje' by Radikon is one of its most famous wines, an unconventional symbol of Collio, a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon that is harvested in September exclusively by hand and macerated on the skins in oak vats without temperature control and without the addition of selected yeasts. It remains in contact with the skins for 3-4 months and takes on that typical coppery and orange color that distinguishes it. A wonderful wine, full of character and personality, a surprising wine. Extraordinary complexity, breadth and persistence: from notes of rose and apricot to those of hazelnut and almond, with a spicy finish of incredible length. Dry, taut and very expressive sip, of great originality. Wine made as it once was with artisanal methods.