What is Vodka? Vodka is a spirit obtained from the distillation of ferments based on wheat, barley, rye or potato starch, produced and consumed mainly in Russia and Poland, which boast the most significant production. Also interesting is the interpretation of this distillate in the cognac region, the Gray Goose, which expresses the elegance and refinement of the best French tradition and for this reason has become an icon of luxury. Excellent to serve smooth, vodka is the perfect ingredient for numerous cocktails and long drinks.


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Elyx by Absolt is an extremely fine vodka, distilled by hand in a copper still respecting the principles of quality, integrity and craftsmanship. Distilled using delicate winter wheat grown on a single estate in southern Sweden. Elyx is hand distilled in a 1921 copper still, operated by a few select experts. Naturally soft, award-winning vodka with an intense and smooth flavor, velvety flavor and rich in character. Nicknamed 'liquid silk'. Perfect with ice or in your martinis.