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List of products by brand Franco Cavallero

Independent, proud, courageous, unpredictable like a stormy sea and with a taste for adventure, Franco Cavallero carries on his dream: to produce a Gin that is entirely the result of the territory, of which he can follow the entire production chain, using only fresh ingredients, botanicals selected and grown by him at "zero kilometer". Cavallero began with three thousand square meters of plots to cultivate the most suitable botanicals to be able to characterize his Gin, up to four hectares, increasing at the same pace the species of cultivated plants, which have increased from twenty to thirty-five types. The territory becomes a fundamental variable, the altitude (very important for a greater concentration of the active ingredient), the exposure and the soil become the focus of his research. Over time, medicinal plants with therapeutic or aromatic characteristics have been added to the recipe to give considerable complexity to the drink.


Essential by Franco Cavallero is a very fragrant, very balanced Amaro, with a predominantly herbaceous aroma, with balsamic and citrus nuances. A spicy finish, never cloying, which gives salivation and at the same time a sensation of freshness. The bitter notes derive from sweet clover, gentian, tansy, absinthe, cinchona and angelica, the most balsamic aromas come from sage, hyssop and mint to be complemented by the citrus aromas of orange. Low sugar content and natural predisposition to be taken as a digestive. An amaro not only at the end of a meal, but designed for contemporary mixing, used as a substitute for vermouth, smooth with ice and lemon zest, or mixed with tonic water, ice and lemon.

€48.00 €56.47 -15%

Gin Agricolo 'Evra' by Franco Cavallero is Italian and produced at 'zero kilometer'. Fruity gin whose predominant note is that of berries that goes perfectly with the austerity of the juniper. Sensations of freshness deriving from mint and cardamom complete the aromatic picture to perfection. The soft and enveloping taste of red fruits is strengthened in its complexity by vanilla and cocoa giving an oriental sensation. The olfactory softness and aroma of raspberry have the ability to satisfy the palate who loves fresh and fruity drinks. 

€48.00 €56.47 -15%

Gin Agricolo 'Gadan' by Franco Cavallero is Italian and produced at 'zero kilometer'. Gin Fresco, with a marked Juniper scent, refreshed and softened by floral essences that make it pleasant and pleasantly bitter. When tasted, the right alcohol content tempers the aromas and lengthens the finish with an aftertaste of violet and pink to close on the palate. For its cleanliness and freshness this Gin is recommended for floral cocktails, but with a strong taste. Considered dry.