Carignano del Sulcis

The Carignano vine, native to Sardinia, has probable Spanish origins and arrived in Sardinia during the Aragonese rule in the 1300s. In Spain it is called Carinena, in France (where it is present in the Midi and in Langedoc-Rossillon), Carignan. Its color, alcohol content and structure make it an excellent cutting wine. The more recent counter-espalier systems, characterized by greater attention to quality, have led to the creation of the Carignano del Sulcis DOC.

Carignano del Sulcis

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The 'Shardana' by Cantina Santadi is a 'Valli di Porto Pino' IGT, a complex and rich red, assembly of Carignano and Syrah. Complex and enveloping aromas and balanced taste, structured, soft and elegant. Passage in semi-new French oak barrels for a period of approx. 12 months.

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'Memorie di Vite CRG' by Quartomoro di Sardegna is a Carignano del Sulcis from vines planted in Calasetta in 1967. It matures 6 months in steel and barriques of at least 4 steps. Intense and complex bouquet, island, marine, balsamic; reminiscent of red fruits and spices. In the mouth it has a good flavor and power. Ideal for accompanying well-seasoned first courses, stewed and barbecued meats.


The 'Terre Brune' by Cantina Santadi, made with the vintage 1984, is the first red barricade of Sardinia. It is an elegant and deep Carignano del Sulcis Superiore DOC, which, with the addition of 5% of bovaleddu, obtains complex and refined aromas and a full and velvety taste. Matured in new French oak barriques for 16-18 months, then refined in bottle for 12 months.


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The elegant and deep Isola dei Nuraghi 'Korem' encloses all the care and attention that Argiolas places on all the wines. Velvety, full, harmonious, warm and round, is a Carignano blend with Cannonau and Bovale. Passage in barriques 10-12 months, aging in bottle for about 6 months. Perfect red for a special evening. Great for all meals.



'Assajè' by Capichera is a strongly territorial red wine, which interprets the Gallura terroir very well, reviving its beauty through a representative and iconic profile. 100% concentrated Carignano, in which fruity and spicy aromas open to a warm and alcoholic sip, very enveloping. The wine is left to rest for 12 months in French oak barrels. Ethereal and vinous, where red fruit and spices alternate with a range of well-orchestrated aromas. Excellent body, round, balanced and full, with a warm sip, characterized by a savory vein and moderate tannins. Label that receives good national and international scores.


Carignano del Sulcis by Sa Raja is one of the most typical reds of the sandy and windy coast at the south-western end of Sardinia. Its strong personality is due to a vine with a strong and decisive character and to a sunny and Mediterranean terroir, in which the vines of about 15 years of age produce few clusters with a remarkable aromatic concentration. Notes of small dark berry fruits, blackberry, blueberry, ripe cherry, hints of undergrowth, aromas of myrtle, helichrysum, spontaneous shrubs of the Mediterranean scrub and delicate spicy hints. Intense and rich, with a good structure and well-defined tannic texture, with enveloping aromas. Deep and long, with a very persistent finish. Particularly suitable for combinations with grilled pork, mixed grills or roasts.