Catarratto is a Sicilian white grape variety, prevalently prevalent in the province of Trapani. It is characterized by a ferulic acid content above 10 mg / kg of grapes. Catarratto wine is characterized by the high acidity that positively influences the aromatic and gustatory freshness; on the olfactory level the scent of white flowers is the most widespread. In the mouth it is sapid and dry, but this does not compromise its shelf life


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'Prio' by Donnafugata, pure Catarratto, is an attractive and modern white; It offers a delicate bouquet with hints of white flowers and a mouth is fresh and fragrant. Its pleasant freshness is a perfect match with seafood, shellfish and pasta vegetarian dishes.


Terre Siciliane Bianco IGT 'L'Isola' by Hibiscus is made from catarratto and inzolia grapes that grow on the island of Ustica, from volcanic soils and vineyards that are practically on sea level. A summery and cheerful wine, that tastes of the south, of the sea, of heat, of sun, of an island, perfect for enjoying the holiday or savoring it at home.