Pinot Noir

The term Pinot indicates a series of different grape varieties, which are distinguished by their characteristics and by their use and which derive genetically from Pinot Noir (or Pinot noir). The term pinot seems to derive from "pigna", is more specifically "small pinecone", to signify both the modest size of the bunch, and the characteristic of having thick, appeased grapes, just like the scales of a pinecone. Among all the red grape varieties of the world is considered the most noble and elegant (the only possible comparison is probably the one with Nebbiolo), and at the same time it is the most difficult to interpret, the one that places the winemaker and the simple consumer in the face of perhaps more complex tasting. The origin of Pinot Noir is placed in the French region of Burgundy, where it is the basis of the greatest wines of the area (and among the most famous in the world) such as Romanée-Conti, Chambertin and Richebourg. It is also present in the Champagne region, especially on the mountain of Reims, but over time, the vine has spread to other regions of Europe, including Italy, and then to appear even outside Europe, in Oregon and in California.

Pinot Noir

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'Marsili' by Tenuta di Castellaro comes from an ancestral method from Pinot Noir grapes on the island of Lipari. Thanks to the strong winds and the sensational temperature range between day and night, it was possible to start the sapling breeding of Pinot Noir, in one of the highest terraces of the estate. The small production is dedicated to a different wine, a fun and tasty refermented bottle, dedicated to the underwater world of Marsili, the largest volcano in Europe. The glass lights up with pink light and light effervescence. An unconventional wine, bold with a deep freshness and well-integrated flavor, enveloping, taut and dry. Unfiltered wine which may present natural opacities. Closure with Stelvin screw cap.