Whiskey Grain

Grain whiskeys, are born in Scotland in the mid-19th century. They are obtained from unmalted cereals, such as wheat, barley and corn, ground and cooked at high temperatures. The distillation process involves the use of a special column still with continuous distillation, called coffey still. In Scotland Grain whiskeys are mostly blended with pure malt spirits to create Blended. Appreciated for their delicate, fresh and light personality, softer and simpler than pure malt.

Whiskey Grain

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Duncan Taylor's Scotch Whiskey 'Strathclyde' 1990 30 Years is part of the 'Rare Auld (Old) Grain' line. It was produced at Glasgow's Strathclyde Distillery, which was founded about a century ago. At that time it was mainly dedicated to grain whiskey made from unmalted grain. Today it still enjoys the reputation of making the best grain whiskeys. It was distilled in 1990 and released in 2021 as a barrel strength whiskey with no cold filtration and no dyes. It has matured in a Sherry barrel for an above average period of time, a good 30 years. This Lowland whiskey inspires with its dried fruit and raisins, a chocolaty sweetness and a warm spice. With only 248 bottles produced, it is for connoisseurs, with a collectible value.


Duncan Taylor's Scotch Whiskey 'Girvan' 2009 12 Years is part of the 'Rare Auld (Old) Grain' line. It was produced at Girvan Distillery, a renowned distillery located in South Ayrshire of the Scottish Lowlands. Founded in 1963, it was the most modern and advanced in the world at the time. Distilled in 2009 and released in 2021 as Cask Strenght whiskey at 53.8%, without cold filtration or dyes. Very complex and with a really exciting aromatic structure. Initially shy and reserved on the nose, with notes of spiced honey, caramelized popcorn, cinnamon, coriander and yogurt chocolate. On the palate it is immediately soft with notes of pastry, cinnamon and fir honey. Sherry notes come later with aromas of rum, raisins, grapes and figs. Only 477 bottles produced.


The Whiskey Cellar Single Grain Scotch Whiskey 'Cameronbridge' 1984 36 Years is part of the highly selected and exclusive 'Private Cellars Selection' line. This whiskey originates from the Cameronbridge distillery in the Scottish Lowlands and is an exceptional jewel of delicacy. From an old single grain aged for 36 years in a single American oak barrel, it was distilled in April 1984 and bottled in August 2020. On the nose, almond cake, orange peel and ginger spices. On the palate warm spiced vanilla custard, roasted caramelized peanuts and a touch of black pepper, the spicy fruits linger on a long, sweet finish. Only 183 bottles were produced.