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BIO (organic) distillates are produced according to a very strict regulation that prevents the use of synthetic chemicals. Organic, biodynamic and natural this is our selection.

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Amaro 'Clandestino' by Mistico Speziale is handcrafted in small batches, through the natural maceration of over 25 botanicals in soft grain alcohol and spring water. Very fragrant, very balanced, with a predominantly herbaceous aroma, with many nuances ranging from balsamic to citrus, with a spicy finish. Designed not only as an end of a meal, but can also be used in mixing as a substitute for Vermouth. As with the other products in the 'Clandestino' line, most of the botanicals are grown directly in the land adjacent to the Mistico Speziale factory, in a completely natural way, and the liqueurs are left 'Unfiltered' to give a more intense and persistent aroma to the palate.


Gin 'Clandestino' by Mistico Speziale takes us to the times of prohibition, when alcohol could only be consumed in illegal bars called speakeasies. The all-Italian compound gin harks back to the taste of the time, but with the added quality of the Italian experience in distillation and the use of quality raw materials. Most of the botanicals are grown directly in the land adjacent to the Mistico Speziale factory, in a completely natural way. The dry and resinous notes of juniper are perfectly balanced with the spicy ones of coriander, combined with the balsamic and floral notes of cardamom and aromatic calamus and a fresh and unmistakable citric touch. A complex gin, very aromatic, but well structured, excellent both in purity and in blending.


The Limoncello of Positano by Il Gusto della Costa is produced by infusing only the skins of organic lemons of 'Sfusato Amalfitano': a lemon that owes its name to the elongated spindle-shaped shape typical of the Amalfi coast. Unmistakable aroma, intense but balanced, pleasant, slightly sweet taste. It is recommended to drink it cold and not frozen.


Navy Strength Gin by Hernö is the high-alcohol version (57%) with a more pronounced aroma and taste and where some notes emerge, are enhanced and glorified. The scent turns towards the resinous notes of Juniper, which predominates, followed by citrus, not very sweet, but decisive. The flavor is strong, obviously you can feel the alcohol, but it is overall very pleasant, few frills, clear and clear aromas. It is made with natural and carefully selected organic ingredients: juniper berries from Hungary, coriander seeds from Bulgaria, cranberries from Sweden, black pepper from India and vanilla from Madagascar. Cassia is imported from Indonesia, the queen of meadows from the United Kingdom. The lemons are all peeled by hand. Fabulous.


The London Dry Gin by Hernö is made with carefully selected natural organic ingredients: juniper berries come from Hungary, coriander seeds from Bulgaria, cranberries from Sweden, black pepper from India and vanilla from Madagascar . Cassia is imported from Indonesia, the queen of meadows from the United Kingdom. The lemons are all peeled by hand. Simply fabulous.


'Old Tom' Gin by Hernö  is made with carefully selected natural organic ingredients. It is London Dry Gin with the addition of Meadow and after the dilution of 43% of a touch of sugar. The addition of sugar enriches the floral notes, releases those of juniper and makes the gin even smoother.



Single Malt Scotch Whisky Speyside 'Organic 2012' by Benromach is made from only the finest malt and purest water. It is the first single malt whiskey to be certified organic. The entire production process and the subsequent maturation phase are certified. It ages for at least three years in American oak barrels. Each barrel is filled, weighed and marked manually before being stored for many years in traditional dunnage warehouses. If tasted pure it is perceived the sweet aroma with notes of charred oak and fresh fruit (bananas and pineapple). Smoky tones with a hint of earth. Diluted with water it brings out the sweet with a malt aroma. Intense perfumed notes emerge.



Amaro '16' by Fred Jerbis is made with a single alcoholic infusion, as in the ancient pharmacopoeia. Most of the 16 botanicals used are harvested directly from the typical trees of Friuli: lime, mulberry, ash, cypress, birch and black currant. A bitter but fresh aroma, with a herbaceous but balanced persistence. A light brown color, completely natural, with a very low percentage of sugar. In addition to the more classic use as an after meal, it is very suitable for use in the great cocktails of the past, to give a personalized touch.


Amaro 'Moderno' by Lottino Spirits is an elegant and pleasantly bitter liqueur, with pronounced citrus and root notes. The entirely manual production allows to have maximum control over the quality and naturalness of ingredients. The spices, including sweet orange, gentian, rhubarb, cinchona and licorice, are placed in 100% pure grain alcohol for about twenty days. At this point, the filtered infusion is left to decant for thirty days, allowing the extracted aromas to mature correctly and to brighten the liqueur perfectly. The tasting notes start from the sweet orange, and then immediately move on to the roots and barks, including gentian, cinchona, and rhubarb where the bitter sensation is pleasantly rounded off by the sweetness of licorice and other botanicals with a marked freshness.


'L'Acrobate' by Les Bienheureux is an organically grown French gin produced in small batches through a unique distillation process that the protagonists jealously keep secret. Perfect balance between freshness and fruit, classicism and exoticism, technique and poetry. The secret is the infusion of spirulina, an emerald-colored algae with medicinal properties, which gives a fresh and iodized touch to the opulent bouquet of exotic fruits.


'Botanical' Gin by Bareksten was inspired by the Norwegian landscape. Dense forests, where sunlight reaches the forest floor only marginally, are typical of the country. Both the geographical position and the climatic conditions make the production of this gin in Norway simply perfect. In addition to 2 months in the summer when the sun never sets, in the winter there is complete darkness for 2 months. Wonderful conditions for growing herbs and berries. For the production of Botanicals gin, only natural and organic ingredients from the area are used: Nordic spices, blueberries, cranberries, elderflowers, rhubarb, mint.


'Gin 43' by Fred Jerbis is made with 5 extraction methods: alcoholic distillation, steam distillation, cold maceration of dried plant, cold maceration of fresh plant and hot maceration (digestion). It has 43 botanicals of Italian origin: juniper, angelica, lemon, orange, mandarin, thyme, lavender, mint, anise, fennel, mountain pine, lemon balm, iris, imperatoria, savory, clary sage, yarrow, saffron, orange blossom . Artisan gin with accentuated notes of juniper and a delicate, but persistent, and citrusy herbaceous taste. It goes very well with most tonics.

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Mosel Graacher Riesling Feinherb by Willi Schaefer truly expresses the soul of the Mosel terroir. This pure Riesling is characterized by its ease of drinking, which makes it an excellent companion for convivial lunches and dinners. The grapes ferment in acacia barrels with a capacity of about 1,000 liters with natural yeasts, where they then continue the slow maturation for 8 months. Light, characterized by fine fruity aromas, intertwined with spicy and mineral nuances. Round, with an excellent structure given by the perfect balance between acidity and minerality. A bottle of character, which cannot leave even the most demanding palates indifferent.