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List of products by brand Florio

Duca di Salaparuta Group brings together three historic brands representing Sicily and Italy in the world: Corvo and Duca di Salaparuta, born in 1824, and Florio was born in 1833. Acquired by Illva Saronno Holding and brought together in a single reality, two historical companies are the first private wine group of the island and tell its history and the land through beautiful places such as seals and historical Cellars. Three brands, each a witness to a specific territory and peculiarities that distinguish it, and a complete range of wines to satisfy every consumer occasion and pair.


It is an innovator by tradition that reveals an unexpected world, a contemporary craftsman intense soul, unusual and valuable. Wines of the highest rank to be enjoyed on several occasions, liqueur, sweet and sparkling to be rediscovered as an aperitif, dessert and meditation. A company that in the last two centuries has gained a unique experience, thanks to the respect for tradition, attention to detail and innovative visions.

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'Zighidì' by Florio is a Passito of Pantelleria DOC that concentrates the essence of the aromas. From grapes Zibibbo ample aroma and full and smooth with an intense aroma of raisins, candied fruit and honey. Excellent aperitif with liver pate and fois gras. It goes well with desserts.

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'Oxydia' by Florio comes from a selection of the best Zibibbo grapes ripened in the island to the hot African wind. Intense and aromatic, it has a complex and strong aroma, with clear hints of apricot. Ideal with pastries, fresh and dried fruit. Beautiful with sharp cheese.