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White Wines - Lugana DOC 'Le Creete' 2021 (750 ml.) - Ottella - Ottella - 1
White Wines - Lugana DOC 'Le Creete' 2021 (750 ml.) - Ottella - Ottella - 2
White Wines - Lugana DOC 'Le Creete' 2021 (750 ml.) - Ottella - Ottella - 3
White Wines - Lugana DOC 'Le Creete' 2021 (750 ml.) - Ottella - Ottella - 1
White Wines - Lugana DOC 'Le Creete' 2021 (750 ml.) - Ottella - Ottella - 2
White Wines - Lugana DOC 'Le Creete' 2021 (750 ml.) - Ottella - Ottella - 3

Lugana DOC 'Le Creete' 2021 (750 ml.) - Ottella

Lugana 'Le Creete' by Ottella is made starting from Trebbiano di Lugana grapes, which have always been widely cultivated in the areas surrounding Peschiera del Garda. Fermentation and aging in steel for a period of between 6 and 8 months, at the end of which the wine is ready to be bottled. It is a very satisfying white wine with enveloping aromas, which strikes when tasted for its refinement, without however renouncing character and personality. Fruity aromas that are enriched on the finish with mineral nuances. Light body, harmonious, drinkable and flowing, with a sip characterized by a fresh and savory taste, very stimulating. It goes well with fish dishes.

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Product Category
White Wine
Lugana DOC
Grape / Raw material
Vintage - Cuvée
750 ml.
IT - Lombardy
Alcohol Content
13% vol.
Service Temperature
8° - 10° C.
Suggested Glass
Calyx thin long-stemmed
Special Features
Small Wine Makers, Independent Winemakers
Food Matches
Fish plates, Rice & Risotto, Young Cheese, Vegetables and Legumes
Contains Sulphites
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Ottella winery has its roots in a land blessed with a particular winemaking talent, both for reds and whites. With one foot in Valpolicella and one in the land of Garda, Ottella creates a series of labels that want to faithfully express the territory. Lodovico, Francesco and Michele Montresor strongly believed in this land and decided to adopt it as the optimal substrate to give life to their dream: to originate unique, "breed" wines that could be recognized through a precise signature. They are as creative as they are firmly attached to the expressiveness of the terroir, which is exalted in its soil-vine pairing.

The absolute protagonist of the field and of the cellar is Trebbiano di Lugana, an autochthonous vine that embellishes the surfaces covered with vineyards in the area close to Lake Garda. Locally this variety is known by the name of "Turbiana" and has been the subject of numerous genetic studies by agricultural university bodies. At first thought to be related to Verdicchio, today it can be traced back to a link with other Trebbianos. It is a vine with strong vigor and, therefore, the training system is mainly directed towards low expansion types, favoring a double arched planting system. The Lugana area has a glacial origin: the melting action of the ice has caused the accumulation of debris which has created the morainic hills arranged like an amphitheater to protect the Lugana basin. It consists of layers of clay and limestone, unevenly distributed in the soil. This allows you to have, in the same area, different nuances that are reproduced in the wine through particular distinctive features.

The Ottella winery cultivates both white and red berried grapes, producing a large number of labels. Among the reds, the Venetian viticultural expressions of Amarone and Valpolicella stand out, while Trebbiano di Lugana reigns among the whites. Mineral sapidity, aromatic finesse and snappy freshness define the imprint of Ottella wines, which know how to tell the soul and essence of a vine and a territory.


Loc. Boschetti, Frazione San Benedetto di Lugana - 37019 Peschiera del Garda (VR), Italy

Colour: intense straw yellow

Bouquet: rich and citrusy, with hints of exotic fruit and grapefruit with mineral nuances

Taste: fresh, soft, fruity, savory and mineral, excellent balance.


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