The Aleatico grape has Greek origins and is widespread especially in Tuscany, Puglia and Lazio. The Aleatico is considered a semi-aromatic grape variety probably deriving from a mutation of a black berry Moscato, of which it vaguely recalls the taste. It gives quality wines both dry and sweet. We remember the Aleatico di Gradoli (Lazio) and the Elba Aleatico Passito.


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Aleatico Sovana DOC Superiore, Fattoria Aldobrandesca, by Antinori is born about 200 m. s.l.m., immersed in a beautiful natural and archaeological landscape. It stands out for its personality, for its pleasantness and for the richness of aromas and aromas typical of the grape. It surprises for its intense ruby red color. Notes of rose hips blend with hints of fresh red fruit. Enveloping, mellow, velvety red, with a perfect harmony between sweetness and acidity.