Our Liquor offer. What are liqueurs? The liqueur is a solution composed of alcohol, sugar and water, prepared hot or cold, flavored with extracts of vegetable origin. The liqueurs are divided into the following classes based on the preparation technique. Infusions: these are macerated aromatic herbal substances that release their principles in alcohol. Distillates: they are prepared by distillation of the alcoholic macerate, if they get clear spirits. Prepared with essences: concentrated essential oil is solubilized in alcohol.


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The Limoncello of Positano by Il Gusto della Costa is produced by infusing only the skins of organic lemons of 'Sfusato Amalfitano': a lemon that owes its name to the elongated spindle-shaped shape typical of the Amalfi coast. Unmistakable aroma, intense but balanced, pleasant, slightly sweet taste. It is recommended to drink it cold and not frozen.