Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc has always been a source of ample discussion. It is now well established that it is (as well as the Pinot Grigio) of a genetic variant of Pinot Noir, it has long been confused with the Chardonnay (of which, on the other hand, it has many common characteristics). Up to fifteen years ago in Italy it was often referred to as Pinot-Chardonnay and in the years following the phylloxera often in northern Italy the two varieties were replanted one in place of the other or together. The vine is native to Germany; in Alsace it achieves the best qualitative results, but it has also been "exported" to the United States, Latin America and Australia. In Italy it originally found its suitable climate in Friuli, Lombardy, Trentino and Alto Adige. Its diffusion in Tuscany dates back to the eighteenth century, when the Lorena, grand dukes of Tuscany, favored its cultivation. In Italy the most valuable Pinot white wines come from some areas of Friuli and Alto Adige. In these areas particularly suited to the vine, yields per hectare are very low and this makes it possible to produce a very structured, soft and fat white wine, which is also suitable for aging in barriques and lends itself to being aged. Pinot bianco is particularly suitable for being sparkling wine and therefore becomes part of the cuveé of the best Italian sparkling wines from Friuli, Trentino and Franciacorta.

Pinot Blanc

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Pinot Bianco Riserva 'Vorberg' by Terlan is made from very steep vineyards located in a strip of land called Vorberg, absolutely extraordinary for the production of Pinot Bianco, which in these lands reaches qualitative heights unimaginable elsewhere. This terroir gives it a very special energy and flavor: a rich bouquet with intriguing, fruity and harmonious aromas and an aromatic and distinctly mineral flavor. Full, complex and elegant white wine, with great aging potential capable of giving great emotions.


'Terlaner' Cuvée by Terlan is a very refined white wine that is part of the winery's selections, the result of an assembly of Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The result is a fresh, fruity, floral wine with references to mint. Soft and round taste, harmonious and with good persistence, it allows you to perceive the most diverse qualities of the three grape varieties that compose it.



'Nova Domus' Riserva by Terlan is a white wine resulting from an assembly of Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The fermentation takes place slowly, in large wooden barrels and the refinement of 12 months and is always carried out in large wooden barrels. The result is a wine with a complex bouquet that is expressed through fruity notes that take on different shades, combined with references to aromatic herbs. Great balance, structured and decisive body with a pleasant savory imprint. The 'Nova Domus' expresses its absolute potential only after several years of aging in the bottle.


'Illivio' by Livio Felluga is an intense and rich white wine with remarkable personality, born from white berried grapes of French origin, Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay, with a small percentage of Picolit that gives it a light and pleasant residual sugar. It is a rich, dense and complex wine, which expresses ripe fruity aromas, due to aging in small oak barrels, soft tropical notes, a slight spiciness and a clear and characteristic fresh and mineral vein. The sip is rich and intense, soft and full of volume, with a harmonious finish, characterized by freshness and flavor.

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'Haberle' by Alois Lageder is a wine obtained from Pinot Bianco grapes from the best vineyards up to over 40 years of age, located at about 500 meters above sea level on stony, sandy and calcareous soils, ideal conditions for this vine. It is part of the terroir selection. The aging on the fine lees is carried out for 80% of the wine in steel, for 20% in large oak barrels. Fruity and floral scents, with notes of peach, pear, white flowers and slate. Fresh and mineral taste, sapid, with a slight spiciness and excellent persistence. 


Mitterberg 'Donà Blanc' by Hartmann Donà is a cuvée made up of 60% Pinot Blanc and 40% Chardonnay. These two varieties have been cultivated in South Tyrol for over 100 years and here, in suitable terroirs, they can produce wines of special charm. Wines obtained from ripe fruit, with soft body and a minerality that transpires clearly after a few years ageing. The grapes come from old vines and when fully ripe, are subjected to careful and gentle pressing and their juice is left to ferment in wooden barrels. This is followed by the natural malolactic fermentation. The refining on lees for 23 months in the barrels and a 2-years bottle ageing give the Donà Blanc roundness and softness, allowing it develop to the full its sapid and well mineralized character.


Pinot Blanc 'Quintessenz' by Kellerei Kaltern is a refined and elegant wine. It is part of the Kaltern high-end line, one of the most important and representative realities of the South Tyrolean territory. The vines have an average age of about 15 years and are grown in the St. Nikolaus area between 550 and 600 meters above sea level. It ages in wood for a period of about 10 months, before being bottled. Refinement of aromas, never excessive and exuberant, but always very harmonious and subtle. Perfect balance between fruit and freshness. The sip is soft and creamy, of great expressive harmony, with a fruit with refined tones and a balanced freshness. Pleasantly savory finish. Excellent accompaniment to fish dishes, white meats, risottos.



Pinot Blanc 'Vial' by Kellerei Kaltern is a white with an austere and extremely mineral character. It is part of the Le Selezioni line which includes wines with a representative character of their terroir. Obtained from hand-picked grapes of the best quality, matured in historic vineyards with low-yielding ancient plants. Elegance and finesse are the protagonists of this wine which combines the thin line typical of the grape with the mineral one coming from Lake Caldaro. 10% ages in large barrels for 5 months. Fresh fruity notes of apple and pear, hints of dried fruit and a strongly mineral background. The fresh and savory vein revives the fruit and makes it crunchy. The long mineral persistence makes it extremely drinkable and fine. Excellent to accompany fish and raw fish dishes.