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Semanterion Gin was born after a long journey of life to realize both the physical-material and the spiritual and emotional dimensions of the project. My family had always been dedicated to the production of vermouth and liqueurs until the outbreak of the Second World War, when unfortunately the activity ceased, and I felt the need to return to the origins by continuing this tradition. To get to Semanterion Gin I worked in synergy with the alchemist "of the herbs of the forest" Fabrizio Zara and the Master Distiller in Santa Massenza Alessandro Poli.


The 'Gizy' Summer Botanical by Semanterion is produced with discontinuous distillation in Santa Massenza, in Trentino Alto Adige, according to the traditional taste of England in the early 1800s when the London Dry was imposed. By virtue of its 19 botanicals from all over the world, a unique and incisive taste is obtained, dry but dense and complex with balsamic notes of absinthe and cardamom. The predominant smell of lavender is characteristic of summer. You can enjoy on the rocks as an aperitif or in a twist of Tom Collins with lime juice, Judas blood, soda and lavender.