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List of products by brand Penderyn

Penderyn Distillery is a young Welsh distillery, the first distillery in Wales, located in the homonymous hamlet of Penderyn, from which it is named. It was founded in 2000 by the Welsh Whiskey Company. The first distillation took place in September of the same year, while the first bottle was marketed four years later. The distillery uses a unique distillation system in the world: a single copper dome surmounted by a distillation column. The maturations take place in two types of barrels: in the first stage in barrels previously used for bourbon and in the second stage in barriques used for producing the madeira.


Single Malt Welsh Whisky 'Legend' by Penderyn is the new name that the distillery wanted to give to their most classic product. It is a single malt produced by a unique distillation system in the category of single malts or a single copper alembic composed of two separate distillation columns. For its maturation, American oak barrels are used with a particularity: the first phase takes place in barrels used for the Bourbon, the second in barriques used in the production of Madeira. Aromas of apples and citrus, dried fruit and dark chocolate. Well balanced in all its components, very sweet and well harmonious.


Single Malt 'Madeira Finish' by Penderyn is the leading product of the Welsh distillery, winner of the IWC gold medal in 2012. Matured minimum 3 years in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in barrels that previously contained Madeira wine, this process gives whiskey a taste Generous and a subtle complexity.


Single Malt Welsh Whiskey 'Myth' by Penderyn is the winner of the gold medal at the Spirits Business World Whiskey Masters 2017. It is a single malt produced by a unique distillation system in the category of single malts or a single copper still composed by two separate distillation columns. A 90% distillate by average volume is produced which, with the addition of local spring water, is first brought to a degree of maturation in oak barrels and, after several years, to a degree of consumption. The result is a range of accessible single malts with an unmistakable light and fruity character. Complex and articulated, both on the nose and on the palate, it is to be considered among the excellence of the range.