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List of products by brand Spirits by Design

When we talk about Spirits by Design, more than a Gin distillery located in Belgium we should talk about a place of the mind, where young artists of taste meet the greatest master distillers, to give life to products where new sensations meet ancient techniques. , all based on specific and timely indications from high profile customers. In fact, Spirits by Design, in addition to having a small line of products designed and developed independently, works mainly "tailor-made", satisfying the requests of the most extravagant starred Chefs, personalities linked to the world of gastronomy and great Gin enthusiasts and connoisseurs. In 2016, the program includes the launch of ten new products, one more interesting than the other.


Gin 'Butcher's' by Spirits by Design is the first gin based on 'Secreto 07', a delicious and highly prized dry Iberian beef aged and loved by star chefs around the world, tender and tasty, rubbed with a secret blend of herbs and spices . This idea comes from the union between the most famous butcher in all of Belgium, De Laet & Van Hover, and a completely unconventional distillery, Spirits by Design. The result is a unique product that combines haute cuisine with the world of spirits. It represents the perfect gift for all meat and gin lovers, to give life to a combination that is as original as it is intriguing.


Gin 'L'Homard' by Spirits by Design is made with real lobsters. For each batch of gin, 60 kilograms of wild lobsters are painstakingly slaughtered and distilled, which have been sustainably trapped along the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. The lobster distillate is blended with a unique gin base and other ingredients such as parsley, lemongrass and malt are added. It is reminiscent of a fresh fish dish and goes perfectly with fish dishes. A very interesting gastronomic gin.


Gin 'Seapearl' by Spirits by Design is unique and reflects all the creative flair of the distillery. The Seapearl consists mainly of distilled oyster meat along with other botanical elements that help make the sip salty. A unique product of its kind, perfect to accompany original aperitifs based on oysters and seafood. And if surprises are never enough for you, look at the bottom of the bottle: you will find a pearl, to keep as a souvenir of an absolutely exceptional drink.