Pinot Noir

The term Pinot indicates a series of different grape varieties, which are distinguished by their characteristics and by their use and which derive genetically from Pinot Noir (or Pinot noir). The term pinot seems to derive from "pigna", is more specifically "small pinecone", to signify both the modest size of the bunch, and the characteristic of having thick, appeased grapes, just like the scales of a pinecone. Among all the red grape varieties of the world is considered the most noble and elegant (the only possible comparison is probably the one with Nebbiolo), and at the same time it is the most difficult to interpret, the one that places the winemaker and the simple consumer in the face of perhaps more complex tasting. The origin of Pinot Noir is placed in the French region of Burgundy, where it is the basis of the greatest wines of the area (and among the most famous in the world) such as Romanée-Conti, Chambertin and Richebourg. It is also present in the Champagne region, especially on the mountain of Reims, but over time, the vine has spread to other regions of Europe, including Italy, and then to appear even outside Europe, in Oregon and in California.

Pinot Noir

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U'Toccu by Al-Cantàra, Pinot Noir in purity, is a wine that is born in the shadow of Etna. harsh and black earth a treasure for the body and soul; it is the fruit of this marriage this Pinot Noir grape variety of great international prestige that here you are well acclimatized. To be enjoyed with cold meats, white meats, stockfish or salt cod.

The Pinot Noir Reserve 'Matan', Superior range, by Pfitscher is made in the finest areas for this grape variety in Montagna. A wine with terroir and well-structured, with an evident elegance and rich in aromatic nuances. The high temperature differences between day and night during the ripening season give this powerfully dark red wine a particularly fruit-toned character.


'Cincuenta y Cinco' by Bodega Chacra comes from vineyards planted in 1955. Biodynamic, it is fermented at very low temperatures, to strengthen the floral characteristics of wine. There is a wonderful purity in this wine that smells of strawberries and iodine. Slices of blueberries and cherry fruits crushed with smoke, game and minerals. A pleasant length.


The Gevrey Chambertin by Domaine Chanson is one of the best Pinot Neri of all Burgundy. Located in the "Côte de Nuits", the grapes come from selected vineyards in the northern part of the "Gevrey Chambertin" denomination located on an average slope and bordering the Premiers Crus. A deep and complex structure with well-integrated tannins, a great wine.


The Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru by Domaine Faiveley is a pure Pinot Noir and is produced in 3 sectors of the original vineyard where the plot at the top of the hill gives freshness and elegance while the two vineyards below lead the typical power and fruity note of the Pinot from the Maison. Aged in French oak barrels from 16 to 18 months. Vintage worthy of the renowned Grand Cru.

Alto Adige Pinot Noir 'Villa Nigra' by Cornell Colterenzio is an elegant and reactive wine, deep and characteristic. Cornell represents the excellence of Colterenzio, are wines produced with grapes from the best vineyards that, thanks to the care, passion and aging in barrels are transformed into extremely complex and long-lived tastings. The parcel 'Villa Nigra' indeed enjoys an ideal position, it is a place characterized by the necessary temperature ranges for the production of the largest Pinot Noirs.

'St. Daniel' Riserva by Colterenzio is made using historic vineyards on the heights between Ora and Montagna and is a perfect example of the great red wines of South Tyrol. It stands out for the refined elegance it knows how to express, with notes of ripe red berries and fine and delicate tannins. Balanced and of great harmony.