Vermouth is an aromatized wine created in 1786 in Turin. It is recognized as a traditional Italian food product and is a primary ingredient of many cocktails. The vermouth was invented in 1786 by Antonio Benedetto Carpano in Turin, who chose this name by adapting the term Wermut, which in German is called the artemisia maggiore. Vermouth is mainly drunk as an aperitif and enters the composition of many cocktails, including the Martini and Manhattan or the Negroni, invented in Florence in 1919, but can also be used to cook meat. There are various styles of vermouth, in distinct genres for color (red, white and rosé) and for taste (sweet, dry, extra dry and bent). The use of caramel as a sweetener and colorant is reserved for red vermouth.


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'Vermouth Etrusco Bianco' by Tenuta Fertuna, is produced from blending of fine Fertuna white wine, flavored with natural extracts of herbs and spices originating also in Maremma area. Ideal for rediscovering something traditional but in a different style. Can taste it fresh and alone, is a good digestive. 

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The 'Vermouth Rosso' by Riserva Carlo Alberto, is created in 1837 near Turin. In 1971 the formula was rediscovered and in 2016 the bottle was restyled. Light shade of medieval copper brown. To the nose it has hints of cherry with fresh summer fruit, yarrow flowers and Tonka bean, wild herbs, warm spices, red fruit, orange peel and exotic quassia. Perfect.