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Wooden Gift Box 'Tenuta Regaleali' 2 bottles (2x750 ml.) - Tasca d'Almerita

'Tenuta Regaleali' Gift Box by Tasca Conti d'Almerita is a splendid tasting box that includes two 750 ml bottles of red wines. The decorated wooden box also contains a wooden accessory. The selection contains:



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'Tenuta Regaleali' Gift Box by Tasca Conti d'Almerita is a splendid tasting box that includes two 750 ml bottles of red wines. The decorated wooden box also contains a wooden accessory. The selection contains:

VIGNA SAN FRANCESCO - San Francesco is the vineyard that represents the emblem of Tasca d'Almerita in Regaleali, relentless research and innovation to improve the quality of wines. Planted in 1985 by Lucio Tasca, it was divided into two different portions due to the nature of the land. The highest part, on the south-eastern side of the Canalotto valley, at an altitude between 532 and 585 meters, has been reserved for Cabernet Sauvignon. The soil is made up of sands and sandstones with variable grain, the texture is partly clayey and calcareous, with a slightly alkaline pH (8.3). It is a moderately deep soil, in which the development of the root system of the vine is abundant in the first 60 centimeters and more moderate up to a depth of one meter. It has a normal content of organic matter and is rich in mineral salts such as magnesium and potassium, while it is poor in phosphorus. The vines were planted at a sixth of 2.60 by 1.1 meters (3,490 plants per hectare). The training system is the espalier, with short spurred cordon pruning. Cabernet Sauvignon is a late variety with a very long vegetative period. The grape harvest, carried out by hand by expert winemakers able to select the bunches already in the vineyard, takes place on average between mid-September and the first ten days of October.

ROSSO DEL CONTE - San Lucio is the first large vineyard identified in the Regaleali Estate, from which the first and subsequent editions of Rosso del Conte were born. It covers about 7 hectares, of which 5.5 were planted in 1959, with mixed plants of Perricone and Nero d'Avola, while a portion of about 1.5 hectares was planted in 1965 with only Nero d'Avola. The altitude is 480 meters above sea level, with a South - South / East exposure. The soil is yellowish brown, sandy-loam, partly calcareous, with a slight presence of skeleton; the slightly alkaline pH (8.5). The oldest vineyard of Regaleali usually gives a medium vigor to the vines, a prerequisite for a balanced ripening for the red and medium-late grapes. It is capable of withstanding the influence of extreme climates, whether hot or cold, and produces a few grams of grapes per plant, of an incredible quality consistency. It is cultivated with sapling, the oldest and most widespread form of farming in the semi-arid regions of the Mediterranean. The plant density is also classic, equal to 4,400 plants per hectare, obtained by arranging the vines at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. In Regaleali for red varieties a short pruning is adopted, with three / four spurs of two buds. Often the short pruning is associated with the presence of a stake for tying the shoots that develop from the spurs. The two varieties, Perricone and Nero d'Avola, have a similar vegetative cycle: they are quite late grapes, which ripen on average between the end of September and early October. Faithful expression of the territory from which it comes, the high hill in the center of Sicily, on the aromatic level the Rosso del Conte never exceeds in overripe notes, while ensuring full phenolic ripeness. Exuberant, vibrant, energetic in its youth, with aging it develops a velvety tactile relief, without losing tone and gustatory progression. In its long history it has known various stylistic variations, in particular in the aging technique: chestnut barrels, Slavonian oak, small French oak barrels. Still maintaining its peculiar identity.


Our story is written in the land, the same land where for eight generations we have dedicated the attention and love that you devote to a family member. Our grandparents taught us to respect the land, keeping an eye on the future. And this vision, still today, allows us to have thriving vineyards and rich, fertile land to farm. Over the years, a precise project to enhance and develop native varieties and territories with greater wine-growing vocation led us to expand. In addition to the historical estate, Regaleali, we now have Capofaro on Salina, in the Aeolian islands; Tascante on Mount Etna; Whitaker on Mozia in the province of Trapani; and Sallier de La Tour in the DOC Monreale area. Each of these estates has a story to tell, each one recounts a different Sicily. The greatest challenge for us now is that of preserving these places to leave our children a better environment, with constant attention to safeguarding each individual ecosystem.


We respect the land and its rhythms

We grow grapes in five different estates in Sicily – Regaleali, Capofaro, Tascante, Whitaker and Sallier de La Tour – each with its own characteristics. Different soils and climates spread across the Island and give life to a long harvest season that starts in mid-August and ends between the end of October and the beginning of November. For generations, men and women have been working alongside us, helping us to keep the pace with the seasons. We also tell about Sicily and its products through the cooking school, where the raw materials dictate the calendar. Together with the vineyards, in our fields there are olive trees and almond trees, wheat, vegetable gardens, livestock grazing, fruit orchards, all growing in their own time. Because in our world, nature is not in a hurry.

2 Items

Data sheet

Product Category
IT - Sicily
Sicilia DOC
Grape / Raw material
cabernet sauvignon, nero d'Avola
Alcohol Content
13.5% vol.
2 x 750 ml.
Color: orange ruby red Bouquet: small red fruits, mineral, spicy and balsamic sensations Taste: elegant and juicy, fresh and savory, vigorous but perfectly integrated tannins.
Food Matches
Roasted Beef, Aged Cheese, Red Meat, Game
Service Temperature
16° – 18° C.
Suggested Glass
Tulip glass very large

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