Grappa - Aged Grappa 'Fiorduva' (500 ml) - Marisa Cuomo - Marisa Cuomo - 1
Grappa - Aged Grappa 'Fiorduva' (500 ml) - Marisa Cuomo - Marisa Cuomo - 2
Grappa - Aged Grappa 'Fiorduva' (500 ml) - Marisa Cuomo - Marisa Cuomo - 3
Grappa - Aged Grappa 'Fiorduva' (500 ml) - Marisa Cuomo - Marisa Cuomo - 1
Grappa - Aged Grappa 'Fiorduva' (500 ml) - Marisa Cuomo - Marisa Cuomo - 2
Grappa - Aged Grappa 'Fiorduva' (500 ml) - Marisa Cuomo - Marisa Cuomo - 3

Aged Grappa 'Fiorduva' (500 ml) - Marisa Cuomo

The Aged Grappa 'Fiorduva' by Marisa Cuomo comes from the marc of the Fiorduva, between vines and rocks overlooking the sea of Furore. Aged in barrique, it is characterized by a straw yellow color with an elegant and vanilla scent, fragrant, intense and persistent. Pleasant taste, frank, persistent, soft, of notable finesse, with very complex scent.

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Product Category
Aged Grappa
Type of Production
Grape / Raw material
fenile 30%, ginestra 30%, ripoli 40%
500 ml.
IT - Campania
Alcohol Content
42% vol.
Service Temperature
18° - 20° C.
Suggested Glass
Calyx small open
Not Flavored
Special Features
Limited Edition, Small Wine Makers
Food Matches
After Dinner - Meditation
Contains Sulphites
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It was exactly 1980, the year in which Andrea Ferraioli presented the small vines he had inherited from his father as a wedding gift to the future bride. In this way the "Marisa Cuomo" winery was born, and with it began a story made of love, passion and endless work, which in thirty years led Andrea Ferraioli and Marisa Cuomo really far away, until they touched olympus of the best whites in the world. The winery is located in the town of Furore, a small jewel of the Amalfi Coast, and its vineyards overlook the beautiful Gulf of Salerno, from Ravello to Scala, along the fjords that reach Amalfi. About ten hectares of vineyards in total, which rise to an average height of five hundred meters, and climb the steep slopes overlooking the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The vines, supported by chestnut piles according to the pergola rearing system, are so-called "wall", that is, they emerge horizontally from the dry-stone walls that the same Andrea and Marisa have laboriously built terracing. With an average that reaches the age of eighty, the plants are all frank and pre-phylloxera. Raising the most unknown and typical vines of the area such as fenile, piedirosso, broom, pepella, ripolo, sciascinoso, dyer and tronto, Marisa and Andrea are able to give a deep, sincere and unmistakable mark to all their labels. Rossi, Rosati or Bianchi, under the name "Furore", "Ravello" or "Costa d'Amalfi", all the wines produced by the Salerno winery are an expression of what is defined as "heroic viticulture", in which even more than any other thing counts the fatigue of the hands and the sweat of the forehead. Wines, those of Marisa Cuomo, which are made in the company's flagship label, which for years has seen in Fiorduva one of the finest and most renowned whites of the entire Italian peninsula and beyond.


Marisa Cuomo, Via Giambattista Lama, 16/18 - 84010 San Michele (SA), Italy

Color: deep straw yellow, amber.

Bouquet: vanilla, fragrant, intense and persistent.

Taste: pleasant, pure, persistent, soft, vanilla, of remarkable finesse, with a very complex hint.


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