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Gin - Gin Dry 'Monkey 47' (500 ml.) - Black Forest Distillers - Black Forest Distillers - 1
Gin - Gin Dry 'Monkey 47' (500 ml.) - Black Forest Distillers - Black Forest Distillers - 2
Gin - Gin Dry 'Monkey 47' (500 ml.) - Black Forest Distillers - Black Forest Distillers - 3

Gin Dry 'Monkey 47' (500 ml.) - Black Forest Distillers

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Product Category
Type of Production
Grape / Raw material
500 ml.
Alcohol Content
47% vol.
Service Temperature
6° - 8° C.
Suggested Glass
Small circle glass
Food Matches
Cocktail, After Dinner - Meditation
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Monkey 47 - 47 alcohol degrees for 47 herbs and spices, water strictly from the black forest, double distillation and aging in terra cotta containers, no final filtering. Ingredients that make it one of the most popular gins in the world. Harmonious and decisive. It brings together the great English traditions, the exotic touch of India and the purity and character typical of the Black Forest.

At about 700 meters high, at the foot of one of the most beautiful peaks of the Black Forest, lies the Black Forest Distillers.
In the south-western area of ​​Germany, in a picturesque mountainous area between rivers and lakes of pure water, the distillery has been producing the Monkey 47 since 2010 by the master distiller Christoph Keller, who has reinterpreted the inventor's original recipe in a modern key. Monty Collins. Famous and particularly appreciated by connoisseurs and lovers of the genre, the Monkey 47 is closely linked to the story of the one who was the commander of the Royal Air Force, Montgomery Collins, in fact better known as Monty Collins.

The latter, son of a British diplomat and born in the British colony of Madras, in India, it was thanks to the fact that he lived for many years in the East that he began to know aromas and spices, many years later used to give life to the Monkey 47. Montgomery Collins, in fact, after the Second World War he was sent to Berlin to take care of the reconstruction of the city, destroyed by bombing.
In the German capital the commander made "friendship" with a curious monkey from the Berlin zoo, which was renamed by Collins himself as "Max".
After leaving the Royal Air Force in 1951, Collins moved to the Black Forest, the Schwarzwald, and as a good British, not being able to give up his daily dose of Gin, he began producing a distillate from all the more traditional ingredients of the Gin itself , and later adding some natural elements of the Black Forest, as well as some of the spices he had known in the Indies during childhood.
The result was extraordinary, and in a short time Collins managed to develop a recipe that included as many as 47 different elements.
With the death of the same Collins, however, his Gin was forgotten for several decades, until his recipe returned to light along with a bottle of the distillate itself, on whose label a funny monkey was drawn by hand, above which it was possible to read the words "Max the Monkey" very clearly.

Faithfully starting from the recipe of Monty Collins, it is so that today, thanks to the Black Forest Distillers, we can savor all the original taste of the 47 elements of what is now the famous Monkey 47, among the Gin certainly one of the most known and appreciated in Worldwide.

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