Lagrein wine is a type of grape that takes advantage of the high temperature ranges to maintain and develop its most intense aromas: blueberry, blackberry and violet are the main fragrances it gives off. For this reason, widespread mainly in Alto Adige, it is one of the most well-known wines of Trentino, being the native vine. The bunch has a ruby red color, while the gradation starts from a minimum of 11 and a half degrees. The oldest cultivation areas for Lagrein are the areas around Bolzano, in the Gries district, which over the last 100 years due to the strong expansion of the city have been incorporated. In the last decades, the eastern areas of Bolzano (Piani and Rencio) and those of Ora (Auer) have also been noted for the quality of production.


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Mitterberg Lagrein 'Friedberg' by Baron Longo impresses with rich and fruity scents in line with the varietal and the suitable terroir of South Tyrol. Vinification in new French oak barriques and tonneaux, with an aging of 20 months and further rest in bottle for 3-4 months. This South Tyrolean red is satisfying and rich, with a dense and soft tannic texture and excellent gustative persistence, with fruity returns. Suitable for storage in the cellar for over 10 years.


Lagrein Riserva 'Gries' by Terlan is made from a selection of the best bunches of the most suitable plots of the estate. It ages for 12 months, 30% in barrique and 70% in large barrels, and then concludes the refinement period with 3 months in the bottle. It is one of the leading reds of this important South Tyrolean reality. Aging in wood helps to tame the youthful angularity of Lagrein and to return a wine with hints of undergrowth, aromas of ripe red fruit and soft oriental spices. Rich and full taste, with dense tannins, well integrated with dense and full-bodied fruity aromas. The finish is long and balanced. Very typical wine, suitable for game dishes.

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'Conus' by Alois Lageder is a pure Lagrein, from biodynamic viticulture, which brings the typicality of authentic South Tyrol to the table. Aging partly in steel and partly in wood for 12 months. It is an intense and structured red wine, but of great elegance. Heterogeneous bouquet of plums, licorice and cocoa, with spicy and floral hints. On tasting you can perceive all the power of this reserve, which envelops and leaves a persistent finish. Great aging potential of 8/10 years.


Lagrein Riserva 'Porphyr' by Terlan is made from a selection of the best bunches of the most suitable plots of the estate. Three selected vineyards, with plants that are now almost a century old and therefore provide highly concentrated grapes rich in extracts, are the cradle of this Lagrein selection. Vinified entirely in barrique for 18 months, Lagrein Porphyr, which owes its name to the prevailing stone of the land on which it grows, expresses a varied and intense bouquet that enhances the compact and unmistakable flavor with which it delights the palate.


Lagrein Reserve 'Lareith' by Kellerei Kaltern is a decisive and punctual red wine. It is part of the Le Selezioni line which includes wines with a representative character of their terroir. Obtained from hand-picked grapes of the best quality, matured in historic vineyards with low-yielding ancient plants. Lagrein in purity, it ages 12 months in barriques and tonneaux. The bouquet is a continuous coming and going of notes that refer to red fruit, then enriched by a clear reference to the scent of chocolate. Full-bodied, with a wide and enveloping sip, and a perfect integration of tannins. A perfect label on the table with menus from the land or with selections of aged cheeses.