The Grillo is a white grape variety of must present mainly in western Sicily and in particular in the Marsala area. The Grillo grape probably originates in Puglia, from where it would have spread, after the invasion of the phylloxera, in Sicily, initially in the area of ​​Marsala and in the other provinces of the island. It is also known by the synonym Riddu. Grillo has been exclusive to the Marsala area for centuries and has particular importance in the production of Marsala DOC, of ​​which it is one of the most used grape varieties, often together with Inzolia and Catarratto. But the best Marsala wine is obtained precisely from the Grillo grape, whose characteristic is the ease in oxidizing and the ability to become a high grade wine, sometimes exceeding 15/16 °. The Grillo grape has the vocation, unusual for a white wine, to be particularly prone to aging. Vinified in purity and with the aid of the cryomaceration it can give wines of great organoleptic depth, sapid, perfumed and with a good potential of longevity, superior to all Sicilian whites with the exception of those of Etna.


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'Onde di Sole' by Hibiscus is made from Grillo grapes that grow on the island of Ustica, from volcanic soils and vineyards that are practically at sea level. Intense hints of ancient apple and cantaloupe melon, at the bottom emerge hints of tangerine peel and thyme. Good body. Clear freshness and a flavor that evokes the sea.