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If we talk about Oltrepò Pavese, a land with a well-known sparkling wine tradition, it is impossible not to mention the Ballabio winery, founded over a century ago, exactly in 1905, by Angelo Ballabio, a name now synonymous with great quality enology. With 100 thousand bottles produced per year, the Casteggio company currently belongs to Filippo Nevelli and his son Mattia, who, after having equipped the cellar with the most modern technologies, have decidedly embarked on the path of sparkling the Ballabio company in an undisputed point of reference for what concerns the production of bubbles in the Pavia area. The vineyard land of the company extends for about fifty hectares, with a rich and varied subsoil, due to the changes in the different geological eras, which have contributed to its current conformation. The only grape variety grown is Pinot Noir, a grape typically used in the production of high-class Classic Method sparkling wines. Not an easy grape, Pinot Noir is best expressed in these lands rich in limestone sediments. The only labels produced by the Ballabio company are therefore the sparkling ones, which enjoy elegance and structure, olfactory breadth and gustatory clarity; celebrated and loved by connoisseurs. "Farfalla" is the spearhead of the cellar, an excellent expression of the best of the Oltrepò area, both in the classic Extra Brut version and in the refined Zero Dosage. 

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Spumante Dosage Zero Pinot Nero 'Farfalla' by Ballabio is the fruit of the best expression of an iconic vine and an extraordinary terroir. It is a label dedicated to the purists of the Classic Method. Only Pinot Noir grapes from the company's historic vineyards grown at over 400 meters above sea level Years of bottle aging to achieve a natural balance between the important acid structure, the austere body and the palatal persistence. Refinement in the bottle for at least 40 months. Disgorgement without the addition of expedition liqueur and a further 2 months of evolution before being put on the market. Sharp and elegant profile, rich aromas, fresh and very persistent finish. Suitable to accompany important fish dishes or delicate white meats. 

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'Farfalla' Extra Brut represents the essence of the Ballabio style. Its balance comes from the Pinot Noir grapes, coming from proprietary vineyards with a predominantly limestone-clayey structure set on hilly sides between 300 and 500 meters above sea level. After a long aging in the bottle it is a synthesis of elegance, freshness and complexity. Its balance comes from Pinot Noir grapes, clone 386, coming from property vineyards with a predominantly calcareous-clayey structure set on hilly sides between 300 and 500 meters above sea level. The bouquet is centered on fruity and citrus tones with accents of bread crust and pastry. The taste is fresh and refined, smooth and inviting, enlivened by a creamy and persistent foam.