Grignolino is an Italian black berry vine. Mainly cultivated in the areas of Asti and Monferrato Casalese and partly in marginal areas of the Langhe, it produces red berried grapes. Mixed with Freisa and Barbera grapes it provides wines with a more intense color. Known since the Middle Ages as Barbesino the name could still derive from gragnola, dialectal expression of Asti to indicate its seeds, very numerous in this grape. The bunches have a medium-large size with forms tending to the pyramidal while the medium-small berries tend to the elliptical shape. The vine, poorly resistant to diseases (tolerates only the mildew), prefers exposure to the sun and dry and sandy soils.


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'Margherita Barbero' by Luigi Spertino is one of the most engaging and moving expressions of the well-known Piedmontese grape, Grignolino. Produced with pure grapes from two beautiful plots located respectively in Mombercelli and Portocomaro. Grapes harvested strictly by hand and spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in steel. Subsequently it ages in terracotta amphorae for 12 months. Pale red color tending to pink. Complex and very fine red wine, with hints of dog rose, black pepper and small crunchy red fruits. The taste is deep and smooth, fresh, spicy and floral. Excellent.


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Grignolino d’Asti is the wine to which Luigi Spertino dedicated his life. Grignolino is a capricious and difficult grape variety, but Luigi Spertino managed to capture its soul and enclose it in the bottle. The bright cherry color is splendid and inviting. The nose is elegant and fine, with beautiful floral notes of geranium and rose and fruity sensations. The taste is fresh and savory with a slightly bitter and dry aftertaste and balanced tannins.


Grignolino d'Asti by Braida is made from Rocchetta Tanaro vineyards, 160 meters above sea level, on soils rich in sand and clay. This terroir guarantees an intense aromatic spectrum and generates an absolutely elegant and delicate wine. Aromatic bouquet with hints of rose. A fresh and light red wine, delicate and fine, with a decidedly long finish.