Rum - Rum 'Anacaona' Dominican Republic (700 ml.) - Signature Island - Signature Island - 1
Rum - Rum 'Anacaona' Dominican Republic (700 ml.) - Signature Island - Signature Island - 2
Rum - Rum 'Anacaona' Dominican Republic (700 ml.) - Signature Island - Signature Island - 3

Rum 'Anacaona' Dominican Republic (700 ml.) - Signature Island

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Product Category
Type of Production
Production Colonies
Grape / Raw material
sugar cane
700 ml.
Dominican Republic
Alcohol Content
40% vol.
Service Temperature
14° - 16° C.
Suggested Glass
Large stalk with short stem
Food Matches
Aperitif, Cocktail, After Dinner - Meditation
Color: bright gold Bouquet: delicate and subtle seduction; notes of mead and tropical flowers Taste: fresh spicy notes, gray pepper, honey and sweet and delicate chilli.
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Gran Reserva Rum 'Anacaona' by Signature Island is a typical of the Dominican Republic terroir. Long before Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Hispaniola, the Tainos developed a rich culture, among them Anacaona was a cacica, renowned for her beauty, her ballads and her poetic creativity. Inspired by her memory, a tribute to her finesse, Gran Reserva Rum expresses the subtle and fresh side of Rum Domican. The bright gold color of this Dominican Gran Reserva rum is related to the name Anacaona which means in golden flower of Tainos. 


With four vintages coming from Mauritius Island, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic and Guatemala, the colourful " Island signature" Collection unfolds Rums of incredible freshness conveying the uniqueness of their original land. In the greatest French tradition, each of these "Grand Crus" is a result of a complex blend from different distilleries and thus revealing the organoleptic cartography of the great origins of rum. All our Rums deliver the perfect balance between elegance, complexity and richness. Blended and Crafted in France.

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