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The quest of the brothers Bruno and Marcello Ceretto was to select vineyards in the most valuable positions historically. This idea came about during a trip to Burgundy, and would prove the family’s insight and see their Barolo and Barbaresco wines among the most popular in the world. A revolution at the time, for a territory in which the concept of cru was totally unknown, but, above all, a brilliant idea. The most difficult challenge the brothers faced was convincing their father who, as was typical at the time, purchased grapes for the wines he vinified. "You are undertaking a difficult journey, the land has never made anybody rich," he warned, but Bruno and Marcello were convinced about the potential of the land and stubbornly replied, "We believe in the land 100%, the winery is obviously important, but great wines are made with great grapes." And so, they began dreaming of labels bearing the name of the vineyard and also its image: "so whoever drinks that wine can see the vineyard from which it has originated. The vineyard is history, the names of the hills remain, unchanged over time, enhancing the quality and credibility of the wines produced here. You can search out, visit and physically touch a vineyard… always." In 1986, Wine Spectator, perhaps the most influential American magazine in the world of wine, puts the two Langhe brothers on the cover calling them the Barolo Brothers. Bruno and Marcello were less than 50 years old, but they were not overwhelmed by what was an official consecration, to which all aspire, but few can obtain. Even today, they have remained true to themselves, they have not stopped dreaming and fighting for their righteous goal. Meanwhile, the Langa has grown with them and with those who, like them, puts their name to the land where they were born and accompanied them throughout their lives.

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The Barbaresco DOCG 'Asili' by Ceretto comes from the homonymous Bricco which is the very symbol of the municipality of Barbaresco, able to astonish by finesse and power, elegance and longevity. The grapes of this vine are purified from the first half of the 70's. The wine is of a perfect balance and is capable of aging for at least 20 years.


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The 'Piana' by Ceretto by the Barbera d'Alba DOC for antonomasia. Winemaking in steel containers strengthens the sense of freshness and the fragrance of olfactory. Barbera is certainly the most varied variety from the point of view of the gastronomic profile: the tannin content and the sharp acidity, make it perfect even the most exuberant, tasty and fat dishes.



The Barolo DOCG 'Bricco Rocche' by Ceretto is made from the most prestigious vineyard in Castiglione Falletto, set between the Villero and the Rocche of Castiglione. Vineyard and soils give the general sense of balance. It is the Piedmontese red wine, par excellence, from the deeper and bourgeois tradition. A wine of exemplary quality and prestige.


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The Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 'Rossana' by Ceretto is the Barbera d'Alba DOC fwas born in the homonymous plot at the doors of Alba, one of the top spots for Dolcetto. Daily Wines Par excellence, best suited to Piedmontese cuisine. Exclusive use of steel to keep the bouquet crisp and pleasantly vinous and short macerations suitable to contain the tannin.


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The Arneis 'Blangè' Langhe DOC by Ceretto can be considered the absolute pioneer of Roero whites. It is an emblem of quality, value and sophistication. The term Blangè comes from boulanger, the baker of the French settled near Cherasco in remote times. Balanced and never-boring wine, one of the undisputed symbols of its territory.

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The Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC 'Bernardina' by Ceretto is produced in one of the places most dedicated to the production of large Nebbiolo, the Monsord-Bernardina estate. The vineyards around the historic farmhouse provide high quality grapes. Steel fermentations and aging in old wood give wines of great expressive, complex and longevity potential.